Thursday, May 14, 2015

It is always a good day when you add a new 1952 Topps card to your collection

I was having a little bit of a rough day, nothing major just a long day and I was pretty tired.  I grabbed the mail and went into the house and saw a bubble mailer.  I couldn't remember what I had pending so I was pleasantly surprised and had a quick change in mood when this slid out in a top loader:

This Max Lanier isn't in perfect shape but still looks really nice and at $5 delivered I am super happy to add it to my collection.  The 1952 set is super iconic but will also be the set that prevents me from completing my Giants Topps run.  The Giants have quite a few players in the set including a Willie Mays that books for $3k, a Hoyt Wilhelm RC high number that books for $1k and 11 more high numbers that range from $250 to $600 - ouch.

Outside of this 1952 set, I am making good progress on my Topps run.  Outside of the different variations, here is a list of what I need:

1951 Topps Red Backs #21 Larry Jansen
1951 Topps Red Backs #32 Henry Thompson
1951 Topps Red Backs #41 Whitey Lockman
1951 Topps Red Backs #48 Eddie Stanky
1951 Topps Red Backs #50 Monte Irvin RC

1953 Topps #151 Hoyt Wilhelm
1953 Topps #244 Willie Mays
1953 Topps #260 Sam Calderone RC

1954 Topps #90 Willie Mays
1954 Topps #220 Ruben Gomez RC

1955 Topps #194 Willie Mays
  1956 Topps #130 Willie Mays

The Willie Mays cards are going to be the obstacle but I pretty sure the rest are within reach.  I didn't set this as a 2015 goal but it is in the early running for a 2016 goal.

It sure is nice when one small piece of cardboard can turn the day around.


  1. This is why I'm always excited to grab the mail every afternoon. Great card.

  2. Nothing like seeing a stack of bubble mailers waiting for you when you get home. One of the simple joys of our hobby.

    Maybe you have some rich tycoon third uncle that will leave you his Willie Mays collection. It could happen!