Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hall of Fame Auto - Red Schoendienst

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to add 6 new autos to my collection from Baseball Hall of Famers.  I set up a few eBay searches to send me the new listings each day so I could start to gauge the prices of some of the more reasonably priced cards.  This helped me score autos of Rod Carew, Barry Larkin, Pat Gillick and now Red Schoendienst.  I have found that this gives me confidence in the pricing and allows me to pull the trigger.  The Carew and Larkin game from my LCS but I had been watching prices for weeks and knew the price was right.

Last week I saw a nice looking Schoendienst card pop up with a $10 buy it now price.  I had seen most of his cards going for around that price or a little higher but he has some cards out there that just aren't too attractive to me.  Within minutes of seeing this list, the card was mine:

Pretty nice looking card, even with the shiny sticker auto.  I like that with his long last name he signed on two lines.  I love the coloring of this card with the Cardinals uniform.  This isn't the best looking card ever but for $10 I think it is the perfect fit into my collection.  It is serial numbered 072/100 and on the back celebrates his 45 years (!) with the Cardinals organization.

Only one more HOFer to hit my 2015 goal, seems like that should be in reach.


  1. Very nice. Is this just the front, or front and back? Hard to tell by the design.

    1. This is just the front, the back has a paragraph and the serial numbering.

  2. Very nice. I went crazy with this set when it came out in 04. Had a decent amount of Pirates.

  3. Nice Red card-plus the Playoff cards are some of my favorite. Landed my first Red auto recently. Congrats.