Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Awesome Oddballs from Off Hiatus

A few weeks back I made it a focus to catch up on all my posts thanking people for sending me cards and/or making trades with me.  I have discovered that about half my card exchanges these days are just other bloggers and I send just because packages back and forth when we run across cards the other will like.

This is one of those package.  I have exchanged a few packages with Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and he recently shot a package my way with an awesome team set of oddballs.

Typically I seem to come by oddballs one or two at a time but in this case Tony hit me with the entire team sets of Starting Lineup Talking Baseball cards from 1988.    This is a 20 card team set plus a cool checklist that gives a lineup for the team.  The cards are drawings, not photos and do not contain the team logos despite having a nice sized MLB logo on the front.  The size is not standard, they are shorter and a little wider than a typical card.  I think they look pretty nice, especially with the team set all together, take a look:

These were my first look at these cards and to get the team set in one shot is great, thanks Tony!!!  I will eventually need to track down another Chili Davis for the player collection but these are already safely tucked away in my 1988 Giants binder.


  1. Glad you like those! I was as surprised as anyone to come across them the way I did -- in the boxes with the original game cartridge.

    By the way, do you know anyone who wants an original game cartridge?