Thursday, April 4, 2013

1970 Topps Set Quest - Post 2

It has been a while since I update my progress on my 1970 set.  It is one of 3 sets I am currently pursuing from the early 1970s.  I have picked up a few here and there that I will show but I will start with a large batch of 41 cards I got from the same seller for a very good price with low shipping on Sportlots.
 I will admit that the 1970 design isn't the most beautiful and the photography isn't that great but it is really nice working on a set that came out before I was born.  I noticed while scanning these cards that there are 9 different Seattle Pilots and 3 Washington Senators - teams that don't even exist today.  Of these 41 cards, 10 are above #459 which is my actual 2013 target goal but these 10 were cheap and I decided to capitalize on the combined shipping.

Here are some other recent pick ups for this set:

These are all numbered higher that 459 but came as a nice lot on Sportlots.

 This is a great leaders card with 2 HOFers and a legend in Boog Powell.  I have a copy of this card in my Reggie collection and always enjoy seeing him in the A's green and gold.  I really feel Harmon Killebrew is somewhat underrated, he had an amazing career.  I wonder if playing in Minnesota played a part in this.

The last card is this nice Frank Robinson card.  This is a high number card (#700) and one I figured would take a while to acquire.  I got it in a Sportlot auction for much less that the "book value" of $50 and am happy to have it as part of my collection. 

Pretty happy with these pickups but I still have a ways to go to hit my 2013 goal of finishing all up to 459.

Here are some stats to start tracking my progress:

Total Cards added in this post - 50
Total Cards from 1-459 added in this post - 31
Updated status towards 2013 goal - 334/459
Updated status towards complete set - 453/720

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  1. I like posts of 1970 Topps cards because you never see them.

    Have I said that before? I think I have.