Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Collection Goal Status - Player Collections

One of my goals in 2013 was to place some focus on some of the non-Giants players I collect.  These collections haven't gotten a ton of attention in the past couple years as there have been so many Giants cards released and I have gone overboard in the number of sets I am collecting.  I posted my first Rickey Henderson post back at the end of January and since then I haven't done a great job of adding Rickey cards.

Here are the 4 newest additions to my Rickey collection:

I really like the look of the Sport Kings card, for an unlicensed card it really looks sharp.  The Spring Fever cards looks really nice in the A's colors.  The Cooperstown card is pretty boring without a photo but when it features my players, I tend to warm up to cards like this. Finally a Ginter mini with an A&G back.  Four solid pick ups but more than a quarter into the year and I am way off pace:

2013 Rickey Henderson Collecting Goal - 50 new cards
Cards added in this post - 4
Remaining cards to reach goal - 41

My Vida Blue collection has gotten a little more activity and I have added one more card to the collection:

If you have a yearning desire to see the front of this card (I actually find it quite appealing) you can check out my last Vida post. I featured the back in this post because the red Candy Crofts back is what makes it unique to my collection.  At almost half way to my goal, I am ahead of pace to meet my goal.

2013 Vida Blue Collecting Goal - 25 new cards
Cards added in this post - 1
Remaining cards to reach goal - 13

I have two other player collections that I have yet to introduce so let's put an end to the procrastination. At this point I don't have want lists posted on the blog, if you have some of their cards for trade, let me know and I will check my have list.

The Willie McCovey, Rickey Henderson and Vida Blue player collections are really easy for me to recall the origins of.  Dave Winfield is a little of a mystery to me.  He never played on my favorite team like McCovey or Blue nor did he play on the other local team like Rickey.

I started collecting him after he moved to the Yankees but have always appreciated his Padre cardboard the best.  I do recall wanting to add another player collection in the 80s and giving thought to players like Jim Rice and Mike Boddicker (had a lot of his cards already and he was pretty good for a stretch) before settling on Winfield.   My collection today consists of just short of 700 cards so it is a fairly decent sized collection however there are tons of cards of his from recently releases that should be fairly easy to obtain.  I am going to set a goal of 40 new Winfield cards in 2013 and here are the ones I have collected to this point:

I nice trio of Triple Threads parallels, I actually still need the base card so that should be an easy pickup.  The Cooperstown card is a little too close cropped to be perfect but I really enjoy the very early in his career Padres photo.  Just like the Rickey above, the Sport Kings card is a work of art I am very happy to have in my collection.  Finally a sweet Manupatch celebrating Winfield's #31 being retired by the Padres.  Manupatches are a mixed bag for me but I am a huge fan of this set.

With these 6 pickups and the goal of 40 new cards, I am off pace a bit but I have a feeling this goal will be met my year end.

2013 Dave Winfield Collecting Goal - 40 new cards
Cards added in this post - 6
Remaining cards to reach goal - 34 

The final player collection I will be setting a goal around this year is none other than The Straw that Stirs the Drink, Reggie Jackson.  I started my Reggie collection after the Winfield one and its origins are even more fuzzy to me. I read a couple baseball books that featured Reggie and he played for the Oakland A's when I was very young so I am thinking those two facts helped inspire me.  He also wears #44 like my favorite player Willie McCovey (and me in Pony Baseball for a couple years).

My current Reggie collection is about half as big as my Winfield collection at just over 350 cards.  There is a lot of low hanging fruit and I could go bananas on Reggies if I wanted to but he is probably the lowest player on my personal collecting totem pole so I am going to set the Reggie goal at 40 as well.

 A nice trio of Reggie cards I pulled from 2012 Panini Cooperstown, the High Praise insert set is one of my favorites.  The bottom 2 cards are parallels from high end Topps sets, don't know if you can see it well in the scan but the Museum Collection is numbered 102/199.  I think the Museum Collection design is one of the best and love seeing Reggie in the A's uniform.
 Another Manupatch picked up on the cheap. Not as big a fan of this set as the retired numbers but I guess the 1977 World Series is something that does come to mine when you think of Reggie.
 Finally a nice bat relic from Playoff Pieces of the Game.  I think this is a solid design and was happy to add this card to my Reggie collection as I don't have too many relics.

2013 Reggie Jackson Collecting Goal - 40 new cards
Cards added in this post - 7
Remaining cards to reach goal - 33

So there you have it, my 4 player collection outside of my Giants collection. If you are running low on Giants in our trade packs and want to throw in some extras, Winfield and Reggie may be something to consider. 


  1. I can help you with some of those....

  2. Hook me up with your Winfield want list. I've got a box of some 2700 duplicates. Should be something in there you can use.