Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Contest

All right, no promises but I am going to try and get the Weekly Wednesday Contest back on track today.

Toward the end of the baseball season last year I held contests where your entry consisted of sharing you favorite First Baseman and Second Baseman of all time.  Let's move on to the next position on the diamond, Third Base.

For this week's contest, post a comment with your list of your 3 favorite Third Basemen of all time from your favorite team.  If you don't have a favorite team, just list your favorite 3 Third Basemen of all time.   I will close it out on Saturday night and all the people that enter will be randomed on 3 times to identify a winner. The winner can pick something off my prize page.   Should be pretty simple and lots of fun.

I will share mine now to get us started.  I had a hard time deciding between the first two:

1. Matt Williams - Matty was one of the best third baseman in the league for a pretty decent stretch.  He is probably best remembered for the strike year when he was on pace to break the single season home run record before play ended.  Nobody will ever know if he would have been the first to break Maris' record but my guess is he probably would have fallen short.  Not because he wasn't a great hitter, I just think the media pressure and difficulty in hitting that many homers without being chemically enhanced would have been too much. Williams fielding is often overlooked but he was strong defensively as well.
 2. Pablo Sandoval - The Kung Fu Panda may end up at the top of the list some day soon and his 3 homer performance in Game 1 of the World Series was historic and got him close to the top of my list.  For now though he needs a couple more All Star years under his belt (and what a belt it is!) to gain the top spot in my countdown.
3. Jim Davenport - I am going to go a little old school and somewhat obscure and pick Jim Davenport as my third favorite.  There were some other solid candidates like Darrell Evans, Jimmy Ray Hart, Bill Madlock, and Bill Mueller but I decided to go with Davenport.  He was the Giants manager for 1 year in 1985 and was an All Star and Gold Glove winner back in 1962.  Around the time that Davenport became manager of the Giants, my dad gave me his collection of cards that included Jim's 1959 and 1960 Topps cards.  As the Giants manager and third baseman of my dad's era, he became a favorite of mine.
Let's see your top 3 for an entry into the Wednesday Weekly Contest!


  1. Dodgers:



    David Wright
    Evan Longoria

  2. Chipper Jones. (there is no other)

    Eddie Matthews
    Vinny Castilla

  3. Not much choice for the Rockies, can I just pick Vinny Castilla three times?

  4. Scott Rolen
    David Freese
    Placido Polanco

  5. Favorite Friar 3Bs:
    Archi Cianfrocco
    Chase Headley
    Kevin Kouzmanoff

    The best Padres thirdbasemen, though, have probably been Ken Caminiti and Gary Sheffield.

  6. Can I say George Brett, George Brett, George Brett?

    There's really only one 3B in Royals history that was good, and it was him. And he was VERY good.

    I will say:
    1) George Brett
    2) Mark Teahen
    3) Mike Moustakas (for what he will do in the future)

    1. Alex Gordon played third for a while.

  7. As a Brewers fan I think I would be disowned if I didn't pick Paul Molitor first, Don Money, and I'll also pick utility man BJ Surhoff, who will also be on my list of top 3 catchers.

  8. As a Cubs fan, the top choice is pretty easy.

    1) Ron Santo
    2) Bill Madlock
    3) Aramis Ramirez

    Thanks for the contest!

  9. 1. Scott Brosius
    2. Wade Boggs
    3. Aaron Boone

    Least favorite: Graig Nettles. He's mean.

  10. Im a child of the 80s,

    Boggs, Brett, Schmidt

  11. 1. Adrian Beltre
    2. Casey Blake
    3. Juan Uribe (lol)

  12. This was tough being an O's Fan.
    1. Brooks Robinson was a fixture at third for nearly half of the Orioles History!
    2. Cal Ripken Jr. I guess this counts even though he played most of his career at SS. Most people probably associate him more as a SS too.
    3. Leo Gomez because I love the huge aviator-like glasses.

  13. Another Cub fan here:
    1. Santo
    2. Bill Mueller (loved the way he played the game)
    3. Ron Coomer (caught my only BP homer at Wrigley off of his bat)

  14. Mike Schmidt
    Scott Rolen
    and I still like Plácido Polanco

  15. Kelly Gruber
    Brett Lawrie
    Troy Glaus

    had to go with guyers from my lifetime.

  16. Caminiti, Ensberg and Craig Reynolds

  17. Chipper Jones
    Evan Longoria
    Vinny Castilla

  18. Your Giants picks are great ones, so I won't repeat and go with my own all time favorites:
    Mike Schmidt (best ever)
    George Brett (great player and a fun interview, as well
    Sal Bando (childhood favorite of the swingin' A's)

  19. Mike Schmidt
    Scottie Rolen
    And our Current third baseman Michael Young.. lots of respect for his Rangers career and I hope he continues his success this year!

  20. Brandon Inge
    Miguel Cabrera
    George Kell

  21. David Wright
    Edgardo Alfonzo
    Robin Ventura

  22. Mariners:

    Jim Presley
    Kyle Seager
    Edgar Martinez

  23. First off, how can anyone not have a favorite team? I can't imagine that.

    Michael Young
    Buddy Bell
    Adrian Beltre


  24. Scott Rolen
    Albert Pujols played a lot of 3B to start, but I won't count him, and put Todd Zeile at #2
    David Freese

  25. I'm a Giants fan and you picked many great ones. So I will pick from couple teams

    1)"Dirty Al" Gallagher - Giants (the first San Francisco born player to play for the SF Giants - he also used to live at the end of our street years ago)
    2)Brooks Robinson - Orioles (I guess I like teams that have Orange and Black as their colors)
    3)Ron Santo - Cubs (my send favorite NL team. Finally made it to the HOF - same he wasn't around to see it though)