Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Contest Results

I am a little behind in naming a winner, sorry about that - you all know about best intentions.  This will also probably be the last contest until I get settled after my move, we can start up again with Short Stops.

In all there were 26 entries.  There was a tie for the favorite Third Basemen with 2 players each getting 4 votes:

Mike Schmidt

and Scott Rolen

There were four players tied for second with 3 votes each - Adrian Beltre, George Brett, Ron Santo and Vinny Castilla.

Now for the contest results, here are all 26 entries put into
 Random #1......

Random #2....
 And the final Random results in....
 Captain Canuck as the winner.  Congratulations!  Let me know which of the prizes you are interested in and I will try to ship it out next weekend.

Thanks to all of you that entered and I appreciate you sharing your favorite 3B of all time.

1 comment:

  1. very cool. Chipper Jones is vindicated as the best .

    umm... from your prize page, since there is no ceramic dalmation, I'll take the 20 differnt 2011 Cognac cards please.
    Hopefully there is a Brave or two in there.


    email me if you don't have my address anymore.