Friday, April 12, 2013

Group Break Goods - The Daily Dimwit - 2013 Topps, 2011 Limited and 2005 Topps Chrome

I am a little behind on this post but back when Series 1 Topps flagship was released Sam from The Daily Dimwit hosted a group break featuring a box of Series 1, a box of 2011 Leaf Limited and a box of 2005 Topps Chrome.  I jumped in on the Giants and ended up getting our hometown Angels as my random team.  I seem to get the Angels fairly often which works out well as my boys like the team.

Here are the goods from the break:
 I'll start with the flagship base. I have probably shown some version of each of these at some point already but hey I scanned them so you get to see them.  I believe I got the entire team set or darn close - too lazy to check.  In looking at these cards again, I do think the Giants has some pretty nice photography in this set with the Posey, Crawford, Theriot, Lincecum along with a couple of the celebration cards.  A very nice looking team set.
I was also lucky enough to score a Posey emerald parallel and 72 mini along with this Panda insert.  This was a nice start to my 2013 Giants collection.

Next up the Chrome:
 I scored 2 Giants that I needed and also pulled...
a trio of Angels including a very nice Jered Weaver draft pick card.  Pretty good score for a secondary team.  Sam also included this Barry Bonds card although he is featured in a Pirates uniform - sorry to whoever got the Pirates - I can send it your way if you really want it.

Finally the Limited, only 2 cards but I am pretty happy.
The Kyle Crick is numbered to 199 and he is one of the Giants top prospects.  I had another version of this card to 249 so I was happy to pick this up. I also scored the hit of the box with an auto of former Angels' Center fielder Devon White.  As I recall he was one of the top defenders for a number of years and I was pretty happy to pick this up.  I would trade it if someone is really interested but I do think I will probably keep it with my collection.

Thanks for the great break Sam!!!  Looking forward to showing off my Gypsy Queen group break goods soon.

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