Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Almost Lott Rainbow

One of my player collections is Ronnie Lott.  At one time when I was active on message boards I was deemed a Ronnie Lott Supercollector although since then I have connected with a collector who has an even more impressive Lott collection.  He apparently is the guy I always lose out to on eBay auctions for 1/1 card as he has a ton of them.  In years past that would have frustrated me but my collecting focus has changed, I am not hellbent on getting every card of all the players I collect.

The 2014 Panini Prizm release had a bunch of parallels this year in the football release and I was lucky enough to have my favorite player appear in the set.  I have been working on putting together the rainbow.  However I have lost hope and patience on finding the last few cards so I decided to post my almost rainbow and get the cards off my desk and into a binder.

To start with are the base card and the Prizm parallel.  I am very happy that Ronnie is featured as a 49er.  Too often these days he is pictured as a Raider or Jet but the 49er part of his career is how I want to remember him and have him immortalized.

This group features the Red Power 101/125, the Red/White/Blue, the Team Logo 34/50 and the Tie Dyed 23/25.

 Next up with have the Camo, the Light Blue Wave 53/99, the NFL Shield 73/75, and the Green.

Finally to round off my collection we have the Neon Green/Yellow, the Orange, the Purple and the Panini Logo.

According to the checklist I found on I am still missing the Black Finite /1, the Blue, the Gold /10, the Red and the Pink.  I have not been able to find examples of any Ronnie Lott cards of these versions with the exception of the Red (but I cannot say that I search daily).  I believe the pink was a retail version and features a Pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon in the background.  I will keep up my search but wanted to show off the first 14 cards of the Rainbow.

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