Saturday, February 21, 2015

Awesome Basketball Rookie Card

We interrupt this primarily baseball themed blog for a feature about a mid-80s rookie basketball rookie card.

I was going through an old document a few weeks back that listed a bucket list of cards I wanted to add to my collection.  This doc was pre-blog and even prior to expanding my collection to go after anything and everything Giants.  The list included some 49ers certified autos, USC football autos, Baseball HOF autos and a few other random cards.  When I was looking at the list, one card caught my eye that I don't think had crossed my minds since I made the list.

I went on the lookout and found a copy for a reasonable price so I pouced.
 Spud Webb was an NBA point guard for 14 years and is best know for his height (a diminutive by basketball standards 5'7") and his amazing ability to dunk a basketball (he won the Slam Dunk championship in 1986).  Spud spent more years with the Atlanta Hawks but I became a big fan of his during his 4 year stint with my hometown team, the Sacramento Kings.  His time with the Kings was probably his best statistically and he was so much fun to watch.

My memories of him as a King and this amazing card showing him high over the rim has always drawn me to this card and I am very happy to finally have a rookie card from this basketball legend in my collection.


  1. The "short" guys are always fun to watch...I remember a few games where Spud went against Muggsy Bogues. Those were great! One of the first cards I traded for when I got into the NBA was Spud's 1994-95 Finest base's all scratched up and it's got bad corners but 19 years later it's still a part of my collection.

    1. Short of course being relative, I'm the same height as Spud is!