Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Topps Day Continued and a Contest!

Time to show the highlights of the rest of my Jumbo Box of 2015 Topps.  I will share a few cards of each of the 9 remaining packs.  If you wait until the end of the post, I will share details of a contest.  I pulled perhaps my best pull ever out of a Topps flagship product and the identification of that card will be tied to the contest.

Here are my favorites from Pack #2:
 A great final tribute to Paul Konerko, glad to see him properly honored as well.  I will include a few base cards in each scan and the Kershaw and Jeter show how the horizontal cards show some action.  The Cron card has the Future Stars designation in foil across the top.  I liked the Gentry based on how far up the handle the bunt seems to be hitting the bat.  The inspired play inserts seem to pair a current and past star of a team, good pairing of Kimbrel and Smoltz.  Topps included some stamped buy back cards and it was cool to get a 60s Senator although the condition isn't great.  The Ted Williams picture has been used quite a bit but it is still a nice card.  Finally a celebration of Jose Canseco's 40-40 season.

Pack #3:
 I didn't take a picture of the box or packs but Puig is the cover guy this year.  It appears not every team has a team card in Series 1.  Great insert of Mr. Cub, I am really a fan of all the insert sets this year and look forward to building them.  My second buy back was in this pack, this time from 1979.  These are getting a little old to me.  It is getting late and I am getting tired so I won't be commenting on all the cards but will share 9 per pack for your viewing pleasure.

Pack #4
 The Pineda is my first gold parallel.  The rookie cup makes a return.  The Trout picture is a great one, another horizontal card.  I am a huge fan of the Gallery of Greats inserts and was lucky enough to pull Giant HOFer Willie Mays.  I am guessing these will be the insert set that is hard to track down in Series 1.

Pack #5
 There is card #1 Derek Jeter, not a Yankee fan and while I respect Jeter, I was never a huge fan of his either but this is a great photo and fitting tribute.  The two rookies of the year came in the same pack.  The Pence photo is one of my favorites, gotta love the tongue sticking out.  Look how skinny A-Rod was back in the day.

Pack #6
 Take note of the Adam Jones card, it will come into play later in the break. The inserts in this box are great highlighted by Juan Marichal's high leg kick and a Roberto Clemente Gallery of Greats.  Man do those cards look nice!

Pack #7:
The highlight of Pack #7 was a hit that I am not sharing here.  It will be part of the contest at the bottom.  Still some good cards with a Buster Posey Archetypes, a wonderfully uniformed Nolan Ryan, an ESPN rookie flashback card and a Highlight of Roger Maris' 61 HRs.

Pack #8:
 Some good photos on the base cards here.  Another gold parallel, not real excited about any of the parallels in this box including the Gonzalez.  The Willie Mays insert is a great photo I don't recall seeing before - yeah!  The Roark card is a shiny rainbow parallel that isn't numbered.  The Iron Horse is a good looking card as well.

Pack #9:
 I love the photo of Dioner Navarro getting ready to slide.  I am thinking a disaster is imminent.  Teddy Ballgame, the Georgia Peach and Hawk all make insert appearances.  As teased a little earlier, I pulled an SP parallel of Adam Jones blowing a bubble.

Pack #10:
Here is the final pack of the Jumbo Box and the 3rd hit (although I didn't share hit #2).  The players I got for the Archetypes cards has been as good as good gets.  A great card of the Babe and a Career High relic of Reds right hander Johnny Cueto.

The unshared hit I pulled is perhaps the greatest pull I have ever gotten from a Topps flagship box and one of my best pulls ever.  The contest is to guess the card I pulled.  If you know how the Jumbo boxes work, you should know that the card is autographed.  Outside of that I won't give any more hints.  Just leave a comment on this post with your guess of what the hit is and I will send a prize to the person who gets the closest to the right card.  Unless someone hits it right on, there may be some judgement involved but it is my contest so I have the right to use some judgement.

The winner will the the other 2 hits from this box, all my duplicates from this box (should be a solid starter lot) and some other cards I dig up that fit the winner's collecting interests.

It is been a while since I did a contest, hoping for lots of good guesses and fun entries.

Good luck!


  1. Baseball History Cut Signatures Dwight Eisenhower 1/1.

    Might as well guess big.

  2. A World Series Champion auto relics card.

  3. Let's try:
    Baseball History Cut Signatures - BHCS-DC Dick Clark - Bandstand

  4. Archetypes Mariano Rivera Autograph.

  5. Strata Auto Relic

  6. I'll go with an Inspirations dual auto of Cano and Griffey

  7. gallery of greats auto relic cal ripken

  8. Hmm.... was it an Archetype Auto of Yasiel Puig?

  9. I'll say "Gallery of Greats" Willie Mays autograph.

    Thanks for the contest!

  10. GGA-MM Mark McGwire - St. Louis Cardinals

  11. You're very excited about pulling that Rickey Henderson Archetypes autograph.

    Thank you sir.

  12. HYA-JM Juan Marichal
    Highlight of the Year Autograph

  13. Baseball History Cut Signatures
    BHCS-NA Neil Armstrong

  14. Greats of the Game Hank Aaron Auto relic.

  15. World Series autograph relic: WCAR-HP Hunter Pence - San Francisco Giants

  16. FHRAR-AM Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates

  17. Robbie Cano auto!