Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Favorite Insert Set of 2014

With 2015 releases already out I may be late to the party but I recently picked up a card from the 2014 Topps Chrome set that is so awesome, it gets my vote for insert set of the year.

I believe these cards were only found one per box and with a checklist 50 cards deep there is no way that I will go after the complete set.  They have a refractor finish with a cool geometric design in the background. The foreground has a great picture of Buster Posey although the effect on the card make it looks like he really needs a shave.  I like how the pictures is cropped, close enough to see some details but back enough to see the swing follow through and a majority of his body.  Just a great card front and the others I have seen on blogs and online auctions look equally great.

 The card backs are pretty cool as well.
The subset name of Topps Shelf is obviously a play on the card manufacture name and the players being Top Shelf (best of the best) players.  The back of this Buster card shows 4 career highlights. I think I found the fact that Buster didn't have his first walk off hit until 2013 as pretty surprising, not one in his MVP 2012 season.

I am sure there have been a couple posts on favorite inserts from last year but let me know if you have a favorite and why.

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  1. Love that Topps shine. One of my favorite pulls from last year also involved Mr. Posey and some refractorage. It's his 2014 Topps Finest "1996 Topps Sterling Design" Refractor. It's the centerpiece of my Buster Posey page in my insert binder. I'm off to COMC to find me one of these Top Shelfs to keep my card company.