Sunday, February 19, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #11 (and Final) - T206 Cards

Let's finish up this series, it has dragged on too long.  As usual, I saved the best for last.  I was able to pick up 3 T206 cards in this Black Friday purchase, all in beautiful well loved condition.

First up we have the Red Murray portrait card, he has another version where he is batting that I will still need to track down at some point.

Murray played 11 years in the majors from 1906-1915, 8 of the seasons with the Giants.  He was an outfielder, playing all 3 positions throughout his career and earned some MVP votes in 1912 & 1913. 

Second, we have Bugs Raymond.  This is his only T206 card.

Raymond played 6 years in the majors from 1904-1911, 3 of the seasons with the Giants.  He didn't play in the majors during 1905 & 1906.  Bugs was a pitcher with his best year being a 18 win season with the Giants in 1909 and his worst losing 25 games with the Cardinals the year prior

My final new addition is this Cy Seymour.  Cy has 3 different cards in the set with a Batting and Portrait card in addition to this Throwing version.  This is my first T206 of Cy.

Cy played for 16 years in the majors with 10 of them being with the Giants, 5 to start his career and 5 more to end his career.  He was both an outfielder and pitcher, pitching during 6 seasons with a peak season in 1898 with 25 wins and a .318 ERA.  As a hitter, he had his best year by far in 1906 with Cincinnati when he lead the league in 2B, 3B, RBI and OPS.

The 206 additions bring my total to 12 different NY Giants in my collection.  I will keep looking for good deals for cards that present well but are in well loved condition. 


  1. Congrats on the pickups! I only have two cards from the set myself and neither look this good!

  2. amazing additions to your collection!