Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Catching Up with Reggie Jackson

I admit, I have too many player collections - I have a problem.  Over the last couple years I have even added to the number when I decided to pursue collections of Chili Davis, Ben Petrick and Dave Parker as a Pirate.  I have realized lately that a couple of my player collections have taken somewhat of a back seat.  I have placed a little more focus on grabbing some new (to my collection) Reggie Jackson cards and thought I would show them off.

This group has a little bit of everything with parallels, base cards, inserts, and reprints.  It also covers Reggie's stops in Oakland, New York and California. I think Reggie is one of the most photogenic players with so many great cards.

Here are a few more inserts and a short print base cards.  My favorite cards of Reggie show him in his #9 uniform during his first stint with the A's.  He is typically clean shaven on those 70s A's teams, looks pretty young and the A's always sported some sweet unis.

Here are 3 oddball items of Mr. October with a late 70s disc, a Topps coin and an encased Topps Pristine card - 3 very cool collectibles.

I decided to show the back of this 1978 Record Breaker to share the O-Pee-Cheeness of the card.  This card celebrates the amazing World Series performance in 1977.

Here are a couple relics, I really like the UD one on top that celebrates his membership in the 500 HR club (back when it meant a little more).  The Prime Cuts card is cool, I have a great appreciation for bat relics as of late, they used to take a back seat to jerseys in my order of preference but that has switched.

Finally a pair of awesome Kellogg's cards from early in Reggie's career.  A great look for the reasons listed above but even better with the 3-D technology.  I don't see my passion and focus for Reggie cards reaching the height of Willie McCovey or Rickey Henderson but I do plan on continuing to add to my Mr. October collection.


  1. He looks so young in those Kellogg's cards. Nice additions to your collection.

  2. i like Reggie's pre-mustache cards the most. Nice Kellogg's!!

  3. Reggie killed my '70 Kellogg set needs. Love those.

    Too many player collections? From your lists, I see twelve.
    That's it?? I have 50+ and about ten more from other sports. Now only a few go beyond the 80's so their volume is not massive. :)

  4. Wow... that 1970 Kellogg's card is beautiful.