Saturday, February 4, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #8 - Giants Hits

My Giants collection started around 2007 or 2008 and focused only on "hits" auto and jersey cards. After the Giants 2010 World Series victory I went all in as a team collector.  This post goes back to my roots and showcases 5 hits that I picked up in this order.

First up is this nice jersey relic of Buster Posey.  The higher serial number to almost 200 copies probably helped keep the cost down and I couldn't help but add this card for a couple bucks.  I like the 2016 Tribute set and should seek out some more Giants.

Next up is my only 2016 Bowman Inception card of Giants prospect Hunter Cole.  Cole was a 26th round selection in the 2014 draft and has risen to the AA Richmond Flying Squirrels.  He has spent time at 1B, 2B and 3B in his brief minor league career but it looks like he is settling in as an Outfielder.  He doesn't appear on any of the Giants Top 10 Prospect lists but I think the card design is cool.

Next up is a Finest Gary Brown.  Brown was the go to rookie in a bunch of releases in 2015 including this one, the only problem was that the Giants released him in the spring so by the time any got out in the market place he wasn't part of the team.  Regardless, I decided to pick this up on the cheap - it is a Giants card.

Here is another former Giant. It hurt to see Matt Duffy go, I hope he has a bright future.  However I am very excited to see Matt Moore for a full year with the Giants coaching and playing in AT&T Park.  I have very high hopes.  Sometimes you have to give up quality to get it back and I hope both players have tons of success moving forward.

The final card is a beauty and one of my favorite pick ups in this order.  The awesome patches more than make up for the sticker auto.  Cain is one of my favorite Giants and has had a couple down years with injuries. I am hoping he bounces back this year, maybe the lack of pressure at being a #5 starter will help a bit.  This scan looks pretty nice but the card looks even better in person.

While my Giants focus has expanded beyond the "hits" I still enjoy picking them up here and there.


  1. I liked Matt Duffy (and his cat) when he played for the Giants. Sometimes I feel like Tampa is baseball exile. I hope Duffy can make a name for himself down there.

  2. love the Posey! Tribute is a great product.