Thursday, February 9, 2017

Post Super Bowl Post

Pretty crazy Super Bowl last weekend.  I had no strong interest in who won or lost, my favorite team, the 49ers, did so well they earned the #2 pick overall in the draft.  I haven't been a big fan of New England so if I could have controlled the game I would have wanted the Falcons to win but as I reflect back I am happy to have watch a heck of a game.

The good game got me thinking about some of the most memorable sports moments in my life.  The Giants 3 World Series victories come to mind.  Even some of the 2002 loss to the Angels brings back some memories.  I got to watch some great USC football wins with a couple championships and games like the Notre Dame Bush Push game.  Watching the Sacramento Kings lose in the playoffs to Big Shot Bob and the Lakers and the USC loss to Texas in the National Championship game are memorable for the wrong reasons but still memorable.

My most memorable NFL moment isn't one of the Niners championships, it was the game that changed the fate of the franchise.  It was the 1981 NFC Championship game in SF vs. Dallas.  You might have heard of it, it is commonly referred to as the game with The Catch.

Quite a while back I started a Joe Montana PC but his number of cards and the cost quickly spiraled out of control.  I still have a nice healthy stack of maybe 100 cards from that collection.  I doubt I will get rid of them but I don't see myself going after a Joe collection.  I also started up a collection several years ago of the guy who actually made the catch, Dwight Clark.

It isn't a huge collection, maybe 75 cards or so but Clark didn't have all that many cards.  As a matter of fact, he only had about 131 cards up through 2011.  Since then it has ballooned up to 333 different cards with some recent releases.  I hadn't really stayed up with his new cards but recently did a search and found this nice card to add to my collection:

This card is a pretty sweet high end National Treasures auto numbered 14/15.  It is a sticker auto but I really like the look of the card.

I may pop over to COMC or Sportlots to see if I can track down any of the non-hit Clarks to add to my collection.  I was at over 50% of all his cards at one point and that mostly likely won't happen again but looking at his cards brings back tons of great sports memories.


  1. My father is a huge fan of Dwight Clark too. He recently signed for free at a card show I attended a few weeks ago.

  2. That's one sweet card. Montana to Clark, one of the most infamous moments in NFL history. It's a sham what the team has become since the Eddie DeBartolo incident.