Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trade Post - The Collective Mind

Late last year I opened 3 boxes of Panini Hometown Heroes and decided to put together a set and a few insert sets.  Greg from The Collective Mind reached out wanting to help me with my wants in exchange for a few of the parallels I had pulled and posted.  Unfortunately he had only 1 card that fit my needs, this nice gold bordered Curtain Call parallel of Mr. October:

Fortunately Greg decided to go on the hunt and tracked down 4 Rickey Henderson cards I needed, check these out:

I was very excited to add these cards to my Rickey collection and would have been very happy with the exchange of these 5 cards for the ones I sent Greg's way.  Have you heard the saying that timing is everything?  I believe while waiting for these Rickeys to make their way to him, I posted some want lists of older sets that I came across while trying to get organized.  Greg happened to be able to hit on quite a few of my need.

First up are a dozen cards from the 1995 Topps release of UC3. This is Sportflics like technology.  My old LCS in Orange County (2 houses ago) had a bunch of old wax boxes and I had picked one of these up and decided to make a want list.  This group of cards got me to within 15 cards of completing the set.

1999 Fleer Brilliants is another one of those older bargain wax boxes from the OC LCS and Greg hit two of my needs.  I still need a bunch of these but I am hoping to find another box on the cheap or someone that has a bunch laying around.  Maybe Josh at Royals and Randoms will come across a huge stack in his recent purchase.  The Musial is from a Walmart exclusive 2010 Topps insert set.

Finally Greg knocked 17 cards off my 1998 Metal Universe set.  This is one of my favorite sets and again my set started off with an LCS wax box.  I wish I knew how to scan these cards better as they are great looking.  Getting this nice group inspired me to seek out other needs.  With this trade package and some recent purchases I am down to needing 25 cards to finish it off.  I will continue to look for deals on these singles and of course drop me a line if you can help.

Greg, thanks for the awesome trade package.  I have been looking through your want list to track down some of your needs to even this deal out.  I appreciate your generosity and taking the time to dig up cards on my want list.

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