Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #9 - Player Collections Part II

I already shared some cards from my biggest player collections but I also picked up some cards for other player collections.  I have found a lot of satisfaction in expanding my collection to other players. It has allowed me to explore cards from different sets that may not have been a focus of mine.  I am currently considering adding a couple more players to the list but haven't taken the plunge yet.

The first card to share is this Retail LTD parallel of Ben Petrick from 2001 Pacific.  This card is serial numbered /85 and is one of 5 Petricks in the set, 1 base and 4 parallels.  I only have this one and the base card so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the others.

This card really doesn't fit in as I don't have a player collection of Brad Miller.  I didn't want to give this card its own post so I decided this was my closest placement.  I do collect autos and jersey of Kings players from my favorite era with Miller being one of them. Unfortunately my tracking of these isn't good as I already had this card - oops.

I was able to find quite a few Chili Davis cards I needed in this order.  Some of my favorites are the Circa base card and its Rave parallel.  Chili is probably my newest Player Collection and it is coming along quite well.  My Checklist shows I have 425/604 cards for a 70.4% completion.  If I back out the 16 1/1s which I am sure I will never track down with how old his cards are it rises to over 72%.

My Dave Winfield collection would win the award for the most neglected major part of my collection.  I have 773 different cards in my collection but rarely seek out new ones.  In this order I did pick up 3 oddballs - all non-standard card sized and 2 featuring the same picture.  I foresee a Winfield spending spree at some point.

After Fred Dean got elected to the HOF I decided to pick up some of his cards.  These 2 filled some gaps and are both very nice action photos and coincidentally both are against the Cowboys.  The cards of Fred in my collection only total 24 with these additions, I will probably check here and there but I am pretty happy with where the collection stands.

The most pickups from this post are of Dave Parker.  As you may or may not remember, I am only going after Parker cards from his days in Pittsburgh.  Kind of a way to narrow the scope down and his days with the Pirates are what I most fondly remember.

This one scan has a whole lot of wonderful with a 75 mini, a couple OPC cards, an SSPC card with a great stadium background, a Kellogg's card and two MSA Discs with great back graphics.

Some more Parker love with some oddballs including stickers, stamps, credit cards, food cards, another disc and OPC!

These are a few other cards that filled some gaps in the Parker collection.  I wouldn't mind a comeback on the Active Leader cards from 1984, I remember pulling these from packs and studying the backs with the lengthy list of all the leaders.

The final scan in this post showcases 4 nice, inexpensive relics of Mr. Parker.  I think they all look great but the Bats to the Future has to be my favorite due to the picture of Dave in his batting helmet and jacket with the bat on his shoulders - great picture!

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  1. Wow! you picked up a LOT of great cards - nice relics too!