Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Ginter Trade Post

I decided not to do much of a review on this product as their are posts galore across the blogosphere.  I am going to jump right into a trade post to try and fill my needs.

I picked up 2 hobby boxes at my LCS a couple days back and decided I am going to go for the base set.  I also think I will go for the full sized insert sets but skip any mini sets.  I scanned all my hits from the 2 boxes along with the minis.  All of the cards minus the one Giants hit will be for trade. I will be looking for Giants minis that I need or set needs.  I have a want list of my needs up so if you see something you like, drop me a note so and let's make a trade.

Here are the hits from Box 1.

I was excited to pull the Belt card for my Giants collection, it was the only auto I pulled in two boxes. The other 2 relics are for trade, would love to exchange them for Giants relics.

Here are the minis I pulled from this box:
 The top 2 rows are regular back, then the two black bordered and finally 5 A&G backs.  Couple nice pulls in there with the Jackie, Ripken and Ryan.
Here are the minis from the insert sets.  Anyone know if any of these sets are more rare than the others?

Here are the hits from Box 2.

As you can see no real excitement on the hits.  A little disappointed as I have had some past luck with A&G.  Hoping to turn these into some Giants.

Here are the minis from box 2.
 The Harper was a nice get, didn't get a base card of his in the two boxes.  First 10 are regular back, then 3 black backs and 6 A&G backs.
Again the insert minis, only 4 this time.

I did pull the 2 box toppers as well:

My LCS owner set aside a Brian Wilson N43 and a mini for me, those plus my pulls are the only non-base keepers from the pull.  Here they are:
I know I said this wouldn't be a product review but I was a little disappointed in the number of duplicates I pulled.  Luckily all the SPs were different but I did get 73 base duplicates.  Luckily 6 were Giants plus I got an extra Rickey Henderson and Reggie Jackson for those player collections.   I only had 204 of the 350 cards for the set after these two box breaks so lots of trading is going to need to happen.

I did pick up a blaster, a retail hanger and a retail pack as well.  Got these tradeable cards.
The first 4 are regular backs and the last 3 are A&G backs.  I got some SPs and a few base cards I needed but still a looooong ways away from the base set.  Let the trading begin.


  1. Would love a shot at the Ryan mini. I have a want and for trade post going up this afternoon. Hopefully we can help each othee on base cards as well.

  2. I'm interested in the Robinson and Kershaw minis. I don't know if I have any Giants minis, I'll have to take a look. But I'll be getting some more A&G soon.

  3. Interested in the Moreland and any Rangers. Also re Mauer box topper if it's for trade.

  4. Im interested in the box toppers as well. I would be interested in the mini inserts too (btw, the guys in hats and fashionable ladies are the two "rare" mini insert sets - they seem to be one per case).

  5. Thanks for the interest, shoot me a list of what you have for trade off my want lists and I am ready to deal.

    Fan of Reds, thanks for the info, glad I got one of the case "hits" in the minis.

  6. Check my trade list if you don't mind as I'd be interested in the Uggla card.