Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Trio of Trades

I completed these trades a little while back and am finally getting around to posting them.

First up is a trade with cynicalbudda.  He has a few different blogs that he writes including Collector's Crack.  I picked up some really nice Giants in this trade including a pair of Willie Mays cards and a framed Lincecum.  I really have to get back into focus on the Giants from Gypsy Queen.  I know there were a lot of critics about the design but I find it really sharp. If you have any Giants, particularly mini parallels, check out my Giants 2012 want list and drop me a note.

 I also picked up some older Giants parallel cards, 3 golds from Topps 206, a mini 206 and a Ginter mini.  I wasn't too big of fan of the 206 design with most players without hats on. I do really like the Zito picture and him showing his grip but it looks a little off with the landscape image.  Regardless of design, these were some great pickups.  Thanks for the Trade.

Next is a trade with Weston from Fantastic Catch. Weston always drops me a note when he picks up some Giants or some of my set needs and I really appreciate it.  We have made a few trades and have one in the works right now as well.  Here are the good from this trade:

First is a group of 4 Opening Day inserts, it was nice to knock off 4 from the want list.  These have been kinda tough to come by in the trading world.  I am down to needing 3 Elite Skills, 2 Fantasy Squad, 11 of the elusive Mascots, 9 3-D Stars and 2 Superstar Celebrations.  Usually by now, I have this one complete.

The most exciting pick up to me was the Monte Irvin parallel. I love these retro parallel cards that Topps put out for a few years.  I still need 4 of these, a Marichal from 2011 and Marichal, Ott and Mathewson from 2009.  These might need to be targets in the near future. I also picked up this 2012 Matt "Mr. Perfect" Cain Bowman Gold parallel.  Two very nice Giants editions.

The final trade was with Greg over at Night Owl.  I seem to be the destination for anything Giants that Greg comes across (yeah!) and these Fan Favorites and Archives cards are great additions.  He also knocked off a couple needs from my collecting void of the 90s and early 2000s.

 I love the Fan Favorites sets.  I completed all the sets when they came out but didn't have many Giants and these helps fill that void along with some others in a prior trade.  We have a nice bunting picture of Livan Hernandez (I seem to recall him being a pretty good hitter with the Giants) and two traders in the Giants Dodger rivalry.  Brett Butler left the Giants to go to the Bums which Orel did the reverse.  Orel just looks wrong in the Giants colors as I am sure Dodger fan will agree.

The final two cards are a Will Clark short print and Willie Mays sticker from 2012 Archives.  I needed two copies of each of these as I am going for the sets and need to fill my Giants binder.  Some great additions.

I really appreciate the trades, thanks to all 3 of you.  I am heading out of town for work then some vacation over the next couple of weeks so trading is going to have to subside for a bit.  When I get back, I am hoping to greatly reduce my set and 2012 Giants want lists so be ready.

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