Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trade Post - Once a Cub

I am a little behind on my trade posts so in an effort to catch up, I will probably post a few over the next several days.  My trades have dried up a little, I have a couple in the works, due to lots going on at work and at home.  I just haven't has as much time to post or reach out to fellow bloggers to start some trades.  I am hoping things calm down a bit and I can get back in the swing of things.

A few weeks back I reached out to Matt and Once a Cub to see if he was interested in dealing some 2012 Archives SPs and inserts I needed. I am working on collecting the base set with the SPs and all the insert sets minus the autos (it would be great to have them all but just not realistic).  Check my want list to see what I still need.  No trade is too small.

Well this trade with Matt was anything but small.  I was able to knock some set needs off his list and he helped me put a dent in my want list. Check out all these goodies!

 Here are 4 of the SP cards.  Not really sure why Kranepool was included but I really like the inclusion of the other 3.  I think everyone knows Jim Abbot's story - it is so inspirational.  My oldest son decided to collect Angels cards and when going through them, I was able to tell the story and he was amazed.  Rags was always someone I liked, particularly when he joined the Giants late in his career.  He is doing a great job as the Giants pitching coach and has a World Series ring, I am surprised nobody and given him a try as a manager.  Glad Bucker is in his Cubs uniform.  He was a very solid player throughout his career but will always be an infamous character.  I still need 18 SPs to complete this set so I am just over half way.  It has been pretty slow going, I was hoping to be closer to completion by then.
 Here are some cards from some of the insert sets.  I picked up 5 reprints in this trade, 1 deckle edge and 3 cloth stickers in this trade.  I still don't have a duplicate of a cloth sticker, I really want to get a couple and stick them somewhere.  I think my favorites in this group are the Larry Doby and the Joe Mauer.  The Doby is an iconic card, I would love to add a real one to my collection some day, and the Mauer shows his follow through after his sweet swing.
Some more insert and I am just noticing this scan had a lot of Yankees and Giants.  These are the highlights from the sticker and 3D inserts.  The Lincecum and Mays card weirds me out for some reason, I think it is because the Mays is a little more cartoonish.  Regardless, I am very happy to have that card in my Giants collection.  The Mize and Mathewson are inserts from a couple years back that I needed as well.  I am targeting Mize as my next HOF auto to pick up.

If you don't already follow it, you have to check out Matt's blog. In addition to being a great trader and having some really good blog content, he does an amazing job of creating some customer cards of his Cubs.  Some of my favorites are the various cards of people who threw out the first pitch.  Thanks for the great trade!

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