Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mail Day - Modern Cards

Happy Independence Day!  I was trying to think of some sort of theme to post about today outside of posting some cards with an American Flag in the back ground and couldn't come up with anything.  Pretty tired this week and the creative juices aren't really flowing, so how about looking at some cards?

I thought I would share some of my more recent pick ups of modern day cards.

First off is this parallel of Barry Bonds out of the Select brand.  This was pulled by The Card Hobbyist who was nice enough to send it my way.   Patrick and I had a trade earlier in the year swapping football GU cards and I probably need to shoot something back his way for this Bonds.  Seems like I have so many Barry cards but as you will see coming up, there are so many more to track down.  Despite all the fuss about steroids and perjury, I still like and appreciate him - I must be a Giants fan.

When I was working on my want list recently I recognized that I did not have 1 Topps Tek card.  There are about a thousand version of each player and Barry is the only Giants so I hopped on eBay and found one seller with auctions for these 4 different cards and tossed out an offer and a few days later they were mine.  I recall following someone on a message board or blog a few years back that was trying to complete this entire set with every version of every player.  I wonder if he ever got it completed?

This is a serial numbered auto of former prospect Brian Bocock, number 63 of just 99 copies.  Picked this up on the cheap from a Sportlots auction.  Bocock's claim to fame was starting the 2008 season as the Giants starting shortstop when Omar Vizquel got hurt.  You would think a better back up plan might have been in place with someone as old as Vizquel being your starter.  He hit below the Mendoza line and didn't last long in the majors.  Since then he has bounced around the minors with several teams.  But this is a Giant and I must have it!

 Time to step up the quality of player for the next few cards after the Bocock fiasco.  Here is an Upper Deck production with a fake auto of Carl Hubbell on a very thick card.  Only 350 were made.  You have to wonder how much of this product was produced.  I don't think there were more than 1 per box if that.  There are 40 players in the set and also a gold version numbered out of 200.  That is 550 cards per player for a total of 22,000 Historical Impressions cards. I guess with a little work I could actually figure out the print runs of the set but it is the 4th and I need to go light the grill and drink a couple beers in a little while.  I am happy to pick up a Hubbell card, he doesn't have too many cards and was the star of one of the most historic All-Star Game feats.

 This next one is a parallel to the 2010 Topps base set.  I really liked Topps including these in. They are fairly rare but not impossible to come by. I got a Roberto Clemente out of 2012 Series 2 that I am trying to decide whether to keep.  Mathewson is a favorite of mine, I really enjoyed reading The First Fall Classic recently where he was a major contributor.  He has more modern cards than Hubbell.  I would sure like to pick up vintage cards of both.

 Here is a little star power in mini from from Topps 206.  Three different Bonds variations along with cards of Little Napoleon and The Baby Bull.  I really like minis and these may have been some of the first to emerge in the old tobacco size.  This reminds me that I have a lot of work to do on my Giants Gypsy Queen minis from this year.

 I have always been impressed with the SPx cards with the metal pieces imbedded in them like this Barry Bonds.  I have never opened a pack of this stuff but have a few of the cards.  I suspect I have more football cards in my USC collecting than Giants but I was pretty happy with this pick up.  The Mel Ott card is a reprint and gotta love the oddball sausage issue of Will the Thrill.  A few more minis as well and while Matt Cain certain continues the star power trend, Aaron Rowand breaks the streak.  He was a pathetic waste of money for the Giants and I was glad to see them eat his contract and release him last year.

 Until recently, I didn't have any of card #365 from the 2002 Topps set.  They produced this Bonds card with 73 different versions, one for each homer. I have now picked up a couple and while I am not pursuing the entire set, a page of two of them might be nice.  I like the design of this Lincecum Sweet Spot card and wish the Giants had more than the 3 base cards they have.  I only have this Lincecum so I should probably try and pick up the other two.  Another oddball release, this time of the Say Hey Kid, I love the old school photo.

These next three scans show some pick ups from sets I am still working on.  2012 Opening Day, 2012 Heritage, 2012 Archives and 2010 Topps 206.  If have any any cards from this set, check out my want list and lets make a trade.

Time to head out and celebrate the independence of the most amazing country in the history of the world.  I hope you enjoy your holiday!

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