Friday, July 13, 2012

Mail Day - Vintage Edition

I have been finding quite a few vintage cards on Sportlots auction site for reasonable prices to fill in holes in my collection.  While I won't meet my year end goal of finishing all the Topps sets from 1963 forward, I am making progress on even older sets.  Here are some of my recent pick ups.

 Here is a nice George Spencer from the 1953 Topps set.  I actually think I might have picked up two of these, it looks very familar.  I need to file some of my vintage in binder pages to see.  If you have a need or desire for a copy of this vintage beauty, drop me a note and I will see if I have dups.  I am down to 3 needs for this set but two are high prices HOFers, Hoyt Wilhelm and Willie Mays.  This team set may never get completed.

3 nice 1954 Bowman cards.  Interesting that the Antonelli doesn't have the signture but the Jansen and Lockman do.  I was able to pick these up for around $5 or less each.  In looking through my checklist. Bowman made and corrected a ton of errors on this set and they were pretty minor statistical errors.  For example, this Lockman shows 102 assists for the season and 333 assists for his career while the other one is 100/331.  Whitey is one of 6 Giants with errors and corrections in the team set.  I typically keep all variations on my want list but will consider the set complete with just one version of each card.  I currently have 8 cards from this team set with these 3 additions and still need 7 (not counting variations) - woo hoo!!! over half way.

 Here are a couple 1960 cards, I recently featured Andre Rodgers' 1959 card from another auction win.  An Wes Westrum, featured on the coaches card was the first 1951 Topps Red Back I have ever purchased.  I have been slowly adding cards from this set after a philosophy switch. I have complete 1959 and 1960 sets and at one point wasn't going to collect Giants from sets I had completed. That went out the window several months back and I now 25 of the 36 different cards.  There are also 4 cards with Grey and White back variations, and I have one version of each.

Finally one card that does help me in my quest to complete the sets from 1963 forward.  This 1969 Hal Lanier gives me 24 of the 32 different cards.  The Giants also have 4 white letter variations which I seriously doubt I will ever acquire since I haven't picked up the McCovey in the 20+ years I have collected his cards.

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  1. nice lead off with spencer. that card is an awesome piece of art