Sunday, July 8, 2012

Contest Pimpage

I had a blast doing my contest and hearing who everyone's favorite Giants are.  I need to work on another contest to clear out some space so stay tuned for more to come.  In the meantime, I figure I will share a couple others that are going on:

Drew over at Drewscards is having a contest celebrating his 1000th post.  As someone without 100 yet, that seems to be an amazing accomplishment. You just have to answer a few easy and fun questions to enter and he has great prizes.  Check it out:

And here are my answers:

Group A: Favorite African American Athlete
Tie between my favorite baseball and football players of all time: Willie McCovey and Ronnie Lott

Group B: Smartest investment/purchase
Probably a lot of 7 Rickey Henderson rookie cards in pretty nice condition for about $12 on eBay.  I have traded one, had one autographed at the All Star Fanfest 2 years ago, and still have the rest

Group C: Favorite Hobby Stories
One of my favorite stories involves getting the above mentioned Rickey Rookie card signed. I went to a 3rd day of Fanfest just to get Rickey’s auto.  I only brought his rookie card to get autographed.  I was about 100 people back in the line and started to hear that Rickey was being picky on what he would sign.  I heard no cards and nothing that wasn’t flat.  Then it became nothing but the ticket to get into Fanfest.  There was a guy near me who had a Yankee batting helmet with Rickey’s number on it that he came just to get signed.  Another person had a poster with several players on it and Rickey was the last one he needed.  Word kept changing as I made my way through the line.  Rickey was just being Rickey.  Finally when I went up I put my card down in front of him and he said, “I can’t be signing cards, it will make my auto worth nothing to the card companies.”  I told him that I had been collecting his cards since the early 80s, he was one of my favorite players, he needed to do more signings for the card companies because he didn’t have enough cards on the market and that a card autographed by him was one of the only things missing from my collection of his cards.  He gave me a big smile and said “Don’t tell anyone” and signed it.  I was elated.  Fred Lynn was also signing right next to him and got a nice auto from him as well.

Group D: One thing you love and one thing you hate about the hobby
Love - Retired players being included in the card releases
Hate - SSPs like the Bryce Harper cards this year - I am a set collector and these suck

Group E: Follow Blog and say you are
I am now following the blog

Bonus - the contest is being plugged on my blog

Also, go over the Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle and vote for Greg to win a Sandy Koufax Auto

Good luck to Greg and good luck to me in Drew's contest!

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