Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trade Post - Crinkly Wrappers

I recently made a trade with Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers and boy what a generous trader Ted is.  He noticed my 2012 Bowman break was pretty heavy in Blue Jays parallels and dropped me a note saying he had some cards off my want list if I was willing to deal the Jays.  I jumped on that deal, the Jays held no special meaning to me and I have a lot of work to do on my 2012 sets.

Ted outdid himself with this trade, I can't believe the quantity and quality of the cards he sent.  He surprised me with the cards which ended up in a couple of them being duplicates as I had already picked them up but as you will see, I was super happy with the cards.

First up some Archive inserts, I am inching closer and closer to the sets.  I still have a ways to go so if you have some for trade check my want list and let me know.  Ted was able to knock 9 of my want list plus I got a duplicate of Reggie Jackson (not pictured) which works out perfectly as I have a casual collection of Reggie cards.

 Look at that selection of players, outside of a couple of today's stars like Kershaw and Castro, this set is filled with HOFers, part of the reason I like it so much.

Next up are two McCovey's I needed (when I collect the set, I need two copies of each). I also got a Kung Fu Panda Bowman card and a Gypsy Queen insert.  The Gypsy Queen set is nearing completion, I just need 1 base card and 8 inserts to finish this one off.  Might be time to hit Sportlots pretty soon if no other trades materialize.
 Ted sent me a few 2012 stickers towards that set which I failed to scan.  He also finished off my non-SP Heritage want list and included these:
What might these cards have in common?  All 8 of these cards are SPs that I needed for my set!  I am shocked to get so many in this one trade.  This gets me within spitting distance of completing this set, over 2/3s of the way done just needing 23 of the 75 SPs.  These had kind of taken a back seat as they are hard to come by at a reasonable price but I have some renewed energy for this set.

Thank you for an amazing trade Ted!

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