Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dual Trade Post - Fantastic Catch and This Way to the Clubhouse

I decided to do a dual trade post and share the goods from two trades with two great bloggers.

The first trade was with Weston, the author of Fantastic Catch.  This trade package had an Opening Day theme.
 First up are 2 cards from 2014 Opening Day for the Giants collection.  We probably aren't going to see much of this from Romo since he lost the closers job after a horrendous month.  I do hope to see more Buster Celebrations in the second half.

Speaking of second halves, the second half of the trade package were 2 insert set needs from 2014 Opening Day.  I am still working on this set so shoot me a note for a trade if you have some of my wants.  Thanks for another great trade and the Giants and set help Weston!

Next up is a small in number but big in quality trade with Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse.  Mark reached out for some Series 1 inserts and offered these in return:

First is a nice insert for the Giants collection of the Dandy Dominican, the design of this year's Baseball Flashbacks is really nice.  But the most exciting part of the trade was bringing this home:

A great All-Star Stitches relic of Buster Posey.  Buster didn't get any All-Star love this year and maybe he didn't deserve it but he is the leader of the Giants and I believe he has a big second half coming up.  Thanks for another great trade Mark!

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