Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trade Post - Night Owl

I have been feeling a little guilty lately about my lack of posting.  Life has been busy, a good kind of busy but busy.  I have recently taken a trip to Washington DC for work, went on a Cub Scout camping trip with my oldest son, planned/celebrated my wife's milestone birthday and had a couple date nights with my wife.  Additionally my wife has just gotten a new teaching job that starts in August (she took the last year off after our move) and we have shifted to a new financial planner - these two things have resulted in quite a few late night chats planning for the short term and long term future.  And perhaps the best time sucker/distraction has been my little girl. She has just turned 19 months old and is a ton of fun.  She is really enjoying swimming with us in the pool, having us read books to and play toys with her, and just socializing with us.

Fortunately I have still been dedicating time and my monthly budget to collecting.  I have made trips to the LCSs 2-3 times per month, buying stuff on eBay and Sportlots and even finished off a few trades.  I need to do some gathering and sending out for some cards I have recently received from generous bloggers but I am proud I finally filled up a large flat rate priority mail box to send to the son of a friend in Nor Cal with a ton of Giants.  Us Giants fans need to have something to lift our spirits.

This weekend I was catching up on reading some blogs and a couple of things caught my attention.  First it seems like quite a few bloggers are in the same boat as me with regards to struggling to find time to blog.  I guess misery does love company as that made me feel a little better.  Next I noticed that none other than blogger extraordinaire Greg of Night Owl Cards has a gap of a few days posting, that made me feel a little better.  Seeing the new Night Owl post coupled with a couple other trade posts made me decide that tonight was the night to share some recent cards Night Owl sent my way.

 First up is a nice batch of 2014 cards. Lucky for me, Greg has a tendency to pull Giants cards and I think most come my way.  The Posey blue border and Pence purple refractor are quite nice.  My favorite has to be the Panda base SP card.  Topps was evil to me this year and put 6 Giants in the SP section of the set meaning I need 12 SPs for my Heritage set and Giants team set.  I only need 17 SPs for my Heritage set and 5 of them are Giants.  This Sandoval is the only SP in my Giants team set (I decided it would go in the Giants binder since it was sent to me for my Giants collection not my set).  the Opening Day and Donruss cards were nice additions as well.

 Here is a nice Tristar minor league auto - this will go great in my minor league binder.  I have no idea where Greg keeps coming up with these oddball Giants cards.

 Finally, what would a package be from Night Owl without a miiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiii!!!  I already had this one but it is a nice upgrade for the Giants binder.  Thanks Greg for a nice group of cards, I have started putting together a stack to come back your way.

No promised on the frequency of future posts but I will do my best.  Keep the trade offers coming, as far as I know there aren't too many collectors in the blogosphere who want Giants so send them my way!

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    I still need a Heritage Dodger for my team set, would you believe the non-SP and truly awful Brian Wilson?