Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trade Post - Clyde's Stale Cards

Not too long back I got an amazing package of cards from Jason of the blog titled Clyde's Stale Cards.  Jason is a Dave Winfield super collector and sent me a nice stack of Winfield cards.  He also included a nice group of Giants I needed and a vintage McCovey on my want list.  I am going to save the Willie Mac for a McCovey Monday but wanted to share the rest of the cards.

First up, let's check out the Winfields:

 Here is a nice grouping of cards, I really like the Fan Favorites with the different pose that I am used to on the 1979 design.  I noticed after scanning that every team that Winfield played for but the Angels are represented in this 9-card grouping.  I am wishing I had mixed things up a bit when I scanned to include an Angels card.  I am a big fan of players who stay with one team for their entire career but I also enjoy the variety of teams I get to see with my Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson collections.

Here are another 9 new Winfield cards for my collection.  The upper left card is a Card Your Mom Threw Out insert - I had one for my set and now have one in my Winfield binder.  One of the UD cards on the top row wasn't even on my checklist, I believe the Blue Jays one is checklisted as a generic Blue Jays card but it is quite certainly a Winfield card in my book.  That center card - Legendary Legends - is numbered out of 500. The last 4 cards are oddballs that didn't appear on my checklist and I love getting cards I didn't even know about.  The right card in the middle column comes from a Big League All Stars set and is part of Series 3.  The bottom left looks like a 1988 Broder's card - I remember seeing these at tons of shows back in the day.  The final 2 have a similar back and only designate the series and card number with a big star, all very cool additions to the Winfield collection.

 This grouping starts off with some more oddballs - the Blue Jays card has about 4 different sponsors on the back and I am guessing was a stadium give away.  The two Angels cards in the package are from Pocket Pages and the BB Card Pride Guide Monthly.  I also picked up a Score insert, a Starting Lineup card and a couple cards from small sets.  Finally, both variations (notice the color difference in Two for the title) of a great looking 1985 Donruss card.

To complete the Winfield part of the post, I can also share a 1985 Yankees TCMA postcard, a 1987 ticket stub and a 1994 Twins Schedule - all prominently featuring Dave Winfield.

Now if that wasn't enough, check out all these Giants:

 It starts with a team set of 1990 Classic cards, i am digging the one with Will Clark and Tony Gwynn!  I also picked up a Billy Swift Sportsflix card and 3 Matty Williams cards.

 Jason also put a dent in my Panini Sticker want list with these 8 great stickers.  The sparkly Giants team logo sticker and the youthful and somewhat confused looking Kirt Manwaring are my favorites of this group.

And finally some tiny cards.  Most of these are 1990 Publisher's International Stickers. Prior to receiving this package I didn't have any of these and now I am just a few away from a team set.  These are ting and I need to see if they will fit in my mini pages, otherwise there will be a lot of wasted binder page space.  The mini Will Clark finished off the 1992 Donruss mini team set and I love the pick up of the Christy Mathewson Cracker Jack card.

A great trade package Jason, thank you so much.  I can't wait to share the final card from this package in a McCovey Monday post.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them! I have no idea how I ended up with that Bill Swift card and was oddly excited when I saw that it would fill in a gap in your want list.