Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trade Post - mrhaverkamp

I feel like I have made quite a few friends since I started up this blog a little over 2 years ago but I have only had the pleasure of meeting on person who I have met through the blog.  He doesn't have a blog of his own but is familiar to quite a few bloggers - Jim aka mrhaverkamp.  Jim is a great guy and a fellow Giants fan.  We have now met up 3 times, two down on my turf and one up his way.  I share my white whale acquisition in this post and it is time to share the spoils from our other two get togethers.

In Northern California we met up at McCovey's Restaurant for dinner and to gawk at all the awesome memorabilia.  I took a few pictures of all the great stuff but have somehow lost those picks - a good reason to go back during my next Nor Cal visit.  I did however scan some pictures of the cards Jim brought:

 This quartet helped out on some vintage sets I am building.  Nice to score both 1972 cards of HOFer Luis Aparicio, a rookie of Jose Cruz (who I only remember as only an Astro) and a 1970 All Star of Juan Marichal for my 1970 set.

I also picked up the last 4 League Leader cards I needed for my 1972 set.  There is a nice mix of HOFers and stars on these cards, my favorite aspect of leader cards.

Finally Jim set me up with 3 cards towards my now completed 1969 Topps Game set including a great card of Rod Carew.  I only remember Carew playing as an Angel and have always had a fascination of his cards from his Twins days.

My latest meeting with Jim netted me these cards in trade from a big stack of 2014 Heritage base cards:

24 more 1972 cards towards my set!  These cards have helped get me to the 379/787 (48.16%) mark of the set.  My goal for the year is to get to 450 cards (I started with 346 so I have made virtually no progress outside of the cards from Jim) so I have some serious work to do.  One cool thing is that these cards got me down to needing only 5 of the first 135 cards in the set.

It is great to have such a great friend to swap cards and share stories with. Additionally, Jim called me from a card show recently with a couple of items he was sure I would want to add to my collection.  I gave him the green light to buy them for me and can't wait to show them off when he sends them my way.

Jim, thanks for your generosity and friendship!

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