Friday, July 11, 2014

Trade Post - Baseball Card Breakdown

As you may recall, I pulled a sweet Bip Roberts printing plate auto in one of my Archives boxes and defgav over at Baseball Card Breakdown was quick to reach out to me and work out a trade.  He has put together a pretty sweet Bip rainbow - go check it out.

Here are the cards I got in return, it was pretty much all the SPs and inserts from his box break plus an awesome bonus card.

 First up the SPs, a pretty nice mix of players with 3 from today, a HOFer, a future HOFer and a two sports star.  Perhaps my biggest beef with this year's set is the usage of the same 4 card designs for the SPs that were used in the base set.  I used to like the variety the SPs offered.

 Next up are the All-Star inserts patterned after the mid to late 80s and early 90s inserts.  I like this inclusion and again there is a nice mix of current players and retired stars.  I picked up the 2 Dodgers lefties which is nice since I prefer not to pay for Dodgers when I can avoid it.  I have to admit the Koufax looks pretty nice.

Finally the last 3 types of inserts, with 4 Deckle edge cards, one 1971-72 Hockey design and a Stadium Club Firebrand diecut.  I would really like to put together all the insert sets in addition to the SPs in the base set.  If you have any Archives for trade, check out my Want List and let's make a deal.

And my awesome bonus card....  This great looking Gaylord Perry Auto from Ultimate Collection.  I have a few autographed cards of this Giants HOFer in my collection and am excited to add this beauty to my collection.  I really enjoy this American themed design, it makes me long for the days of Upper Deck as a player in the baseball card industry.

Thanks for the trade defgav!!!

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