Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Emerald Nuts Run Is Complete

A few days back I shared my 2014 Topps Coca-Cola Giants Stadium give away team set.  With that purchase it put my team set Stadium give away collection missing only one year - 2010.  This set was proving to be elusive with only a few popping up on eBay and those coming up having starting bids or Buy It Now prices of around $85-$100.  I am guessing this is due to the Buster Posey rookie card contained within the set and those prices just weren't going to work for me.

A couple weeks back, I found myself with a decent amount of my July budget left due in part to the distractions that led to my blog absence of a few weeks and a set popped up for $45.  That amount for a 32 card set typically wouldn't be something I would got after but since the lowest prices I had seen for this set were about double, it took me only about 15 seconds to decide to make the purchase.  Here is the entire team set starting off with the Buster Rookie:

I really enjoy these sets as they include the Manager and Coaches cards along with some players that didn't make it into the Topps base set.  To me the little Emerald logo spices up the card a bit as well.  With this purchase I was able to delete an eBay search and reduce my email volume by one, something else I really enjoy.  With the lack of a set this year, at least according to the give away schedule, my run is complete - I now have all the sets from 2004-2014.

With this acquisition, I believe the only other Buster Posey base card with the rookie logo on it that I need in my collection is contained within the Topps 17 card Team Set. Time to do some searching and see if I can knock that off the list as well.

Happy collecting!


  1. Congrats on completing the run! That year's Meulens/Kelly/Flannery card took me awhile to track down as people didn't seem to want to break the set. I'm actually surprised Topps used the RC logo on cards in this set as usually sets like this wouldn't qualify as rookies. They didn't use it in any of the following years.

  2. Every time you post one of these it makes me wish the Red Sox did something like this. Great set!