Sunday, August 30, 2015

Some Recent Baby Jordan Pick Ups

I have been scouring eBay frequently over the last few months ever since I recognized my former neighbor at USC Mr. Harold Miner started appearing in card sets again.  I had put together a pretty nice and close to complete collection of Miner back in his playing days so some new cards got me pretty excited.  There are quite a few cards with very low print runs that will probably never be part of my collection but there have still been some great cards to go out and get.

Here are my most recent additions:

 Back in 1992 a company named Front Row put out a set of cards that featured some of the top prospective draft picks in a set and each player had 5 cards.  I remember buying packs of this product and putting together a complete set, I think it is floating around here somewhere.  They also had parallels with the Front Row basketball logo being Gold and Silver foil.  The Silver parallels had been on my want list for years and I had actually never seen them.  I saw them pop up on eBay and jumped.

 This card brings back bad memories but I still needed to add it.  It is a Sepia parallel and features a game in the 2nd round of the 1992 NCAA Tournament.  USC was a #2 seed and the #1 seed and several of the higher seeded teams had already been eliminated so the Trojans had a fairly clear path to the Final Four.  That is until a Freshman named James Forrest hit a 3 pointer to win the game at the buzzer.  It is one of those moments where I remember exactly where I was at and who I was with as I watched and is probably one of my worst 4 sports moments ever along with the Giants losing the 2002 World Series, the Trojans losing to Vince Young and Texas in the 2006 Rose Bowl and the Lakers and Robert Horry beating the Sacramento Kings in the 2002 NBA playoffs.

This card is an Exquisite Silver parallel of Harold's base card and is numbered 02/10.  This is a nice low numbered parallel and I still don't have the base which is serial numbered /75.  This card is super thick and I really like the design and how Miner's jump shot pops out of the silver background.

 These last two cards are both autographs out of 2014-15 SP Authentic.  The top one is a Flair Showcase reprint and while the design is pretty nice, I don't like how much the auto blends into the card.  It is much easier to see in this scan than in person.  In contrast, the auto on the bottom card pops.  I like the gold design and it goes well with the Trojan's uniform.  I am also impressed with how many new pictures of Baby Jordan have surfaced and been used on cards over the last 2-3 years.  Great work by Upper Deck in making that happen.

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