Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1981 Topps Thirst Break

When I was working on updating my checklist I ran across a couple needs that I never recalled seeing from a set called 1981 Topps Thirst Break.  My checklist showed cards for Christy Mathewson and Carl Hubbell so I decided to do some quick searches.  I struck out on COMC so I went to Beckett to find out what these are.  Here is a part of their description:

This is a 56-card set of individual wax paper gum wrappers, similar to a Bazooka Comic. These wrappers were issued in Thirst Break Orange Gum, which was reportedly distributed in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Each of these small gum wrappers has a comic-style image of a particular great moment in sports. (M)any different sports are represented in this set. The wrappers each measure approximately 2 9/16" by 1 5/8". The wrappers are numbered in small print at the top. The backs of the wrappers are blank. 

I next went to eBay and did a search.  There were quite a few singles listed for $4 and up but I also saw a lot of 41 different that was up for auction.  I looked through the listing and saw that not only were the Mathewson and Hubbell in the lot but there were a total of 7 I could use in different parts of my collection.  I placed a bid and for $10.50 plus shipping I brought home these cards:

One of the two I had on my checklist.

Here is the other on my list.

Hoyt is being celebrated for being on 9 teams and 1 of them was the Giants so into the Giants binder he goes.

OJ fits into my USC collection and I started a player collection for him back when he was only known for football, acting and broadcasting.  It has been a long time since I added a new OJ card.

I haven't officially started a player collection for the Big O but I think it is eminent. I am keeping this one in anticipation.

A nice new item for the Reggie player collection.

Another one for the Giants binder celebrating the shortest game ever.  Think the fans felt cheated?

As you can see, this is a multisport release and the condition on these isn't great.  There are dark spots on all of these which I believe are a result of being packed with sugary gum for quite some time.  Some of the ones on eBay are in better condition with little staining but I am not that picky.

To be honest, getting 41 of the 56 in my lot, the set builder in me was tempted to go after the set but I decided against it as I would be back to where I started with my player/team collections needing not only the 15 to complete the set but additional copies of the 7 shown above.

I figured I would scan the rest to see if anyone out in blog land was interested in any of them.  Drop me a note or a comment if so and we can work out a trade.  Here they are:

Some great players included in this.

While my checklist reorganization has been time consuming and somewhat tedious, finding out about this need and seeking these out has been one of the positive outcomes.  I have recently posted up my the new format for my Giants Want List on the blog for the years I have complete (up through the mid-2000s).  The last decade will take some time but I am happy with the look and usability of the new format.


  1. Would love to trade for the two Jim Brown and the one Jim Marshall wrappers. (I think those are the only Browns related ones.)

  2. Very cool, I'd never seen these before, thanks for posting!

  3. I'd be up for all of the baseball ones. maybe any others that are left too.

  4. ive never seen these. totally oddball! great of you to share them around. :)