Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My 2016 Collecting Goals

A few days back I shared the outcomes of my 2015 collecting goals and I feel that overall I did pretty well.  I am a goal oriented person and love lists so I am going to continue with setting some new goals for this year.

I decided to simplify my goals a little this year and have decided to go with fewer.  This will allow me some flexibility to go after the sets I want, focus on the player collections I want to

1. Obtain all 2016 Giants base cards from all releases.

This is something I have been focused on and doing a good job on since 2011 and will continue this year.  Gotta keep my Giants collection current.

2. Add 100 cards towards my 1971 Topps Set including all of Series 1 & 2

3. Add 100 cards towards my 1972 Topps Set including all of Series 1-4

I want to keep making progress on these sets.  I foresee the 1972 Topps high numbers as being my biggest obstacle to completing my 1970s Topps run.  I will keep my eyes open for them but likely put that off to another collecting year.

4. Finish several of sets.
I have a bunch of sets that I have been working on for quite some time and I would like to get some of them finished.  These would include: 1974 Topps Traded, 1976 Topps Traded Sets, 1992 Studio, 1998 Sports Illustrated, 2000 Fleer Focus, 2000 UD Hitter’s Club, 2005 Topps Cracker Jack, 2009 Finest Set, and 2012 Panini Americana.  Many of these don't even appear on my blog set want list page so that may have to be a first step.

5. Obtain 6 new HOF Baseball Player Autos

I have had this goal for a couple years and I love adding to this collection.  One day I hope to have a page on this blog sharing my entire collection.  Maybe a project for a rainy vacation day.

6. Obtain 12 Giants T206 cards

After picking up my second T206 in the fall, I decided to set a goal of 1 T206 Giants card per month.  I never took the opportunity to share my November and December pick ups and who wants another post without any photos so for your viewing pleasure...

This is the Catching pose of Admiral Schlei, he also has a Batting and Portrait version.  Schlei was a catcher and first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds (1904-1908) and the New York Giants (1909-1911).  He was a .237 lifetime hitter and it looks like he was a part timer.

This is the Hands and Chest version of Red Ames who also has Hands Over Head and Portrait versions.  According to Beckett, this version is 2.5X the other 2 but I have no knowledge as to why.  Ames was a pitcher for 17 seasons with the first 11 being with the New York Giants.  He won 183 games in his career including 22 in 1905. 

I love picking these up and will be happy to add another dozen in 2016.

7. Update Giants Checklist on blog to list cards by year

My current checklist is cumbersome to review for me (and I would assume any of you looking to trade).  I am going to reconfigure it to be set up by year and not break out the Base, Inserts, Parallels and Oddballs.  I have started on it and this will be a labor of love - I am looking at dozens of hours to get this thing the way I want it.  Good work while watching games or listening to music.

8. Create Checklist and make significant progress on Topps inserts from 2000-2005

If memory serves me right, I made a goal a couple years back to complete the 2000 Topps insert sets.  It was a failed goal and I made very little progress.  Starting in 2006 I completed all the Topps sets including the insert sets so this goal is to make some progress to fill in some holes in my collection.  I am not sure how far back Topps goes with inserts in the flagship set but I figure going back to 2000 will be a good start.

9. Add another 100 cards to my 49ers vintage collection
I just about made my 2015 goal that kick-started my 49ers vintage collection so I am going to try and double it in 2016.

Those are my goals and collecting focuses for 2016. Happy Collecting!


  1. i think if you ignore the gold (92-94) and cyberstats (95) parallels that were included in packs of flagship then 1996 was the first year that there were inserts included with the flagship packs. good luck!

  2. Should be able to make a few hits on your 71Topps goal.

  3. Made me realize I should have added finish some sets to my list of 2016 goals. Best of luck!

  4. I found four of the '72s on your want list, and I have several 74 Traded dupes. Shoot me an email.

  5. Good luck in 2016. We need to trade soon!