Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Catching Up with Rickey and Winfield

My two oldest player collections after Willie McCovey are Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield.  I realized a couple months back that my collecting focus has drifted away from these two players as of late and I did a little shopping to add some recent releases and tried to fill in a couple gaps from farther back.  I am not sure the driver behind my lack of focus, it may be that I get excited about new collecting interests and some of these long time parts of my collection get forgotten about.

Here are the Rickey cards I have picked up:

 The top row are all base cards from the last couple years.  The in action batting photo in the Prizm card is great and the lack of logos isn't really an issue.  The middle row are all insert cards with the World Series Heroes card highlighting his exploits in the 1989 playoffs including a win over my Giants.  The disappointment I felt after losing the Bay Bridge to the A's left no doubt that the Giants were my favorite team, I gained no satisfaction out of my 2nd favorite team featuring my favorite player beat us.  The last row are two parallels, the Cooperstown card looks great, another great element from one of my favorite releases.  The Chasing History card is the retail holofoil parallel and completes the 3-card rainbows for both of his cards in the insert set.

 This is a super-think manurelic from 2015 Topps Update titled Etched in History.  The medallion in the middle is heavy metal, this is the bronze version and there is a gold version /50 and platinum /10.  The gold may pop up in my price range but I am really happy to have this on in my collection.

Here are the Winfield cards I picked up:

The Sportflics Game Winners card has been on my want list since it came out in 1988, it was great filling in that gap.  The SP Championship card is from 1995, I have had about 5 copies on the die cut parallel pass through my hands but finally got a chance to mark off the base card with this pick up.  The Cooperstown parallel is from the 2nd year of the release and while I like the design of the Rickey above a little more, this is still a nice looking card.  Finally the base and emerald parallel from 2015 Triple Threads were my only 2015 cards from Winfield until the last card in this post.

These relic cards out of SP Legendary Cuts are a solid design.  Players had 3 different versions, a Single, Dual and Triple relic numbered /199, /125 and /99 respectfully.  This is the first Winfield I have and as you can see it is a triple.  He actually has 2 different versions, I am guessing the other is with the Padres.  I wouldn't mind tracking down all 6 of these, they would look nice presented together.

  The final card from this post is my newest addition.  I believe the Leaf 25th Anniversary product came out just a few weeks ago.  This card popped up on a Sportlots auction and I got in a bidding war and won it for about $17 delivered.  Not a great price but I think this Leaf card is great and I don't have too many autos in my Winfield collection.

These pick ups got me a little excited about possibly spending some funds on updating my collection a bit more for two of my oldest player collections.

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  1. They are nice cards congrats, but that Etched Rickey looks like he may have a boogey.