Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why Can't Normal Base Cards Be This Good - Part 2

About 3 months back I posted a great looking short printed base parallel of Giants star catcher Buster Posey and posed the question in the title.  I recently acquired another card that left me asking myself the same question:

I just love everything about this card.  The angle of the photo isn't one you see too often, looking up at the batter as he practices his swing. The picture is perfectly frames, I don't mind the missing feet at all.  Aoki is obviously warming up as he has a cap on and a big donut on his bat.  The stadium background looks amazing behind him.  I even like the groundskeeper in the bottom left corner raking the field.

Some have mentioned that it is price prohibitive for Topps to put great photos on every card.  I wouldn't mind ditching some of the parallels and inserts that are currently in the flagship (do we really need Snow Camo parallels and eight different insert sets?) and spending a little extra on the photography.  I am grateful that a couple Giants each year get the special SP treatment and I get treated to photos like this one.

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  1. price prohibitive to put out a great product?? I'm in agreement with you: drop the ridiculous amount of parallels and put the money in photography!