Saturday, April 7, 2012

Group Break Goods

I usually jump into the Group Breaks and pick the Giants over at Cardboard Collections.  Colbey always has an interesting selection of boxes to break and his March break didn't disappoint.

The Giants didn't end up with a ton of cards but every card I hit in the break was able to knock a card of the want list.  Here's a look at the cards I pulled.

The first product was completely new to me, 1997 Topps Screenplays.  Each box had a selection of round tins featuring one player and inside there is a cool 3-D card. I peeled off the sticker and boy was I glad.  You obviously can't see it on the scan but this card shows a full home run swing by the All Time HR King Barry Bonds.  Showed it to my boys and got a "Wow it really looks like he is swinging COOL!" from them.  Really happy with this product, wish there were more Giants in the set.

 The next box was 1995 Finest Update.  Only 3 Giants in the set and I got multiples of each.  Struck out on hitting a refractor but I didn't really expect to get that lucky.  The highlight of the trio is the Glenallen Hill card.  Hill played 3 years for the Giants in the mid 90s and hit 54 HRs.  One of those homers earned him the nickname of Glenallen Muscle from a buddy and I.  We played hookie from work one day and watched the Cubs/Giants game on WGN.  Hill took a powerful swing and connected, the ball took off like a rocket right out of Wrigley.  I think it had to be the hardest ball I have ever seen hit.  I made my first visit ever to Wrigley last year and my eyes were instantly drawn to the spot that ball exited the stadium.

The last box in the break was 1999 Pacific Invincible.  Very cool looking cards, wish more Giants would have popped up but I did get these two award winning infielders.  I am going to have to search out the rest of these Giants, if you have some for trade, let me know.  I think Pacific gets a bum rap, they put out some great products.

 Colbey also included some extra Giants and there were a couple former MVPs (Will's was only in the NLCS but they did finish 1-2 in the regular season MVP voting in 1989) that were needs.  I also got a couple sticker - I Love Stickers!!!

Usually in Colbey's breaks you get a second random team.  This time I got the Giant's Bay Area rivals - the Oakland A's.  Luckily Mark McGwire has a Screenplay tin and card plus I got these other A's cards.  They are for trade if anyone needs them although I haven't seen too many A's collectors in the blogosphere.  

Colbey's April break is live for sign-ups with some additional cool boxes.  Check it out.
 Thanks Colbey!

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  1. Glad here were happy w/ your haul. Thanks for the April's plug as well.