Friday, April 27, 2012

Trade Post - packages from Baseball Dad & the Dimwit

I mentioned before that mail time is one of my favorite times of the day.  Especially when the packages that arrive have some surprise goodies in them.  The first package came over from Baseball Dad who runs the blog All Tribe Baseball.  This trade started when I found a couple cool Kenny Lofton cards at my LCS and dropped him a note to see if he needed them.  As trades often do, they got a little bigger with each of us including some extras.  Here are some of the highlights from my package.

Look at this great collection of Giants.  We have 2 really nice Freak cards and two old timers from the Conlon collection.   I love the Topps Laser cards, and I believe this is only my second one.  The Bumgarner is a dup but I just love the Orange bordered Giants cards.  My 5 year old is now interested in Giants cards so this one will instantly become one of his favorite. It is also nice that Bumgarner will be around for the next 5+ years.  Finally we have 3 Giants pitchers from different sets that all marked some needs of the master list.  I just loved Kirk Rueter as a Giant and John Burkett, in addition to his bowling prowess, was a 20 game winner for the Orange and Black.

I also got a little extra in my package - how cool is this.  Baseball Dad left me note saying these were a cheap pickup for him at a discount store in Ohio.  Never saw these here in CA - thanks for the great trade!

 The second package came over from Sam at The Daily Dimwit.  He had a group break that filled up before I could get in and the Giants were his random choice.  I dropped him a note and he sent the Giants my way.  Here are some of the cards I got from Sam.

 First off we have 2 copies of the Barry Bonds Topps HD card - I think Barry may be the only Giant in the set. I got 1 base and one parallel form Topps Gallery and a very nice insert of the greatest Giant, and quite possibly the greatest player of all time, Willie Mays.  Great additions to my collection.

I also received the team set of the Giants from Fleer Game Time.  These early to mid 2000 sets of Fleer didn't contain too many Giants.  Great for knocking off team sets but I would really like a few more to have been included.  You can't argue with this cast, with Kent and Bonds being MVP caliber players and JT Snow being one of the finest fielding 1B of his generation.

Finally, I received 9 UD Vintage cards.  All but 2 of these were new to my collection.  I like the look of this set, an obvious rip off of 71 Topps, and need to seek out the rest of the Giants.  Thanks for the trade Sam!  I will include some extras with our Gypsy Queen trade we are working out right now.

Due to work travels and a cub scout camping trip this weekend, posting may be scarce for the next week or so.  However I am pretty excited to be up to 39 followers already, wasn't sure if I would ever reach that level.  I am working on a contest for the followers and to see if I can drum up a little more excitement on the blog so stay tuned.


  1. Those rip-offs of the 1971 Topps design look pretty good!