Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gypsy Queen Box Break

I decided to take the plunge and buy a box of Gypsy Queen.  I really enjoy the look of the cards and what pushed me over the edge was finding out the only SPs were parallels.  At the core I am a set builder and that was great news to me.

Enough bloggers have shared the base cards and insert sets so I thought I would stick with sharing my SPs, minis and hits.

First here are my Giants minis:
The Belt and Cain cards are regular backs while the Vogelsong has a Gypsy Queen back.  The Mays is a beautiful mini of the Glove Stories insert set that came in my mini box.

Here are the regular back minis:
A couple nice ones in there with the Fisk, Bautista and Strasburg.  Also the Beckett is #331 which make it a short print.

Here are the other 9 cards (in addition to the Mays) that came in the mini box:
To me the Mays was the obvious highlight of the mini box but there are some nice All-Stars mixed in here.  These cards all have the regular back.

Finally, here are the mini parallels I got in the box:
The top row has the Straight Cut back, the middle row the Gyspy Queen back and the last row has the various colored inserts with 2 blacks, a Sepia and the dark brown Fingers.  The Fingers is a great looking card and is numbered 78/99.  I really like the Griffey and the picture on the Valverde is pretty cool.  The Heath Bell is card number 334 and the Justin Verlander is number 320, I am not sure if the parallels are short printed as well but if so I would have to think I did pretty well.

These are the SPs I got of the base set.
Can't be too disappointed with a Gehrig and Clemente.

Continuing with the Clemente theme, here are the two blue parallels I received:
Finally the 4 hits:

The Bumgarner fits right into my Giants collection - I always love pulling Giants cards and Bumgarner has been a frequent pull for me.  Since he is signed for another 5 years, I am sure I can expect a lot of his cards in the future.  The Eddie Murray relic is sweet as well.  Not too excited about the two autos but I was excited to pull this extra hit (in my last pack!):
A Gary Carter printing plate!  What a nice card.  Not normally a huge fan of printing plates but this one shows the picture really well and is of a classy Hall of Famer.

I am probably going to have to pick up one more box in order to tackle the set.  Unless there is an outpouring of base cards for trade in the near future, I see a second box in my future.  All the cards are for trade with the exception of the Giants.


  1. I am interested in trading for the Eddie Murray framed relic. I'll send you a email with a offer.

  2. If the Kemp isn't going anywhere, think about sending it to me.

  3. i'm interested in the side by side clemente and mantle. i'm in a couple of GQ breaks. waiting for one to be completed. if you can wait for that, lets see what else i get and i'll pitch an offer to you.

  4. I'm interested in your JJ Hardy mini. Email me if you think we can work out a trade.

  5. Replies
    1. Unfortunately I traded it away, sorry.