Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mail Day #2!

I used to do a lot of trading and buying on Sports Card Forum, as a matter of fact I have made over 375 trades there.  Lately with the amount of trading I have been doing with fellow bloggers, I haven't spent too much time on SCF.  A couple weeks back I had some paypal available and decided to look through the buying forum and ran across a seller who has cards from 25 cents to 2 dollars and had the team name noted after each card.  I searched through for some Giants and found quite a few I needed.  In total I bought 53 cards for the grand total of $34.  I was pretty happy with a price of 64 cents per card.  I thought I would show off some of my favorite cards from the purchase.

A Quad of Gold Cards

A Quad of Pitchers Parallels

A Quad of the All Time HR King

A Pair of Black Parallels and A Pair of Freaks

A Quad of Shiny Cards

A Quad of MVPs

A Bazooka Relic of a Two Year Giant

A Prospect Auto of 1st Rounder Who Never Fulfilled his Potential
I was really happy with these pick ups.  Great additions to the Giants collection.  Are there any other bloggers who use SCF?

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  1. Nice cards ! I'm signed up with SCF but haven't worked with it much.My youngest son used to do a lot buying and selling there.