Friday, April 6, 2012

Mail Day!

I have an obsession with getting the mail.  I want to be the one to open the mailbox and peek in to see if there is a bubble mailer or two, maybe even a 100 count box filled with goodies.  A couple years back my mother-in-law lived with us temporarily and she got the mail to "help" us every day - drove me nuts!  I kept dropping hints that it wasn't really help but she never caught on.  Luckily, she only ended up staying for a few weeks and I was back to being able to get the mail.

Here is a recent mail day from a couple days back.  All of these cards were purchased off Sportlots.  I like their auction format, you can usually get some good prices on some vintage cards, I like adding to my Giants collection from this site.

 This is the 2nd 64 Topps Giant card I have in my collection.  Orlando Cepeda joins Juan Marichal for a mere $0.25 plus shipping.  The only card I need to complete my team set is Willie Mays.  It is an SP so it may be a while for that team set to get completed.  This Mel Ott is a 1969-70 Bazooka card.  It comes from one of two panels - not sure which one.  The Vida Blue is my first 79 Hostess card in the Giants collection which surprised me a little - thought I would have more.

 This 61 Cepeda is in great shape with the exception of the centering.  I am not a stickler for condition but it never hurts when a card is clean.  The 63 Rookie Stars card (look familiar Heritage collectors?) features Gaylord Perry in his Giants hat.  It is kind of odd that he appears on this card with 3 others after having his own card in 62.  I still need that one for my 62 team set.  I also picked up a couple League Leader cards.  The 67 looks virtually pack fresh with the exception of a name being stamped on the back while the 68 is a little rough.  Either way both great additions to my Giants collection.

These are the last two cards from the same seller - all 9 cards came from one person in one package.  The Willie Mays is a thick metal card from the 1995 Cooperstown Collection release.  Finally, by far my favorite card from this seller.  It is a 1933 Goudey Hugh Critz card.  This is my 2nd 33 Goudey card and is tied for the oldest card of the collection.  Condition is far from perfect with some paper loss and rough edges but for a card that is almost 80 years old it looks great!  These 9 cards set me back a total of $34.25 and that includes shipping.  The lowest priced cards at $0.25 were the Blue Hostess, the Mays metal card and the 64 Giant Cepeda.  The most expensive was the HR leader card featuring Aaron, Allen and Mays at $8.50.  Can you believe the Critz card was only $5.50?!
Next up in the mail day is a small pick-up.  A Madison Bumgarner 2012 Heritage sticker.  It was cheap, $0.25 plus a buck and a half shipping, but I am kind of mad I spent anything on this.  This would probably been an easy trade target. I think this card looks odd with the white Giants hat and floating head but I think Madison is primed for a huge year this year. 

These two cards came to me in two separate auctions from the same seller totaling $5 with shipping.  The Schmidt patch card is numbered 90/99 - the color on the patch looks oddly red to me instead of Giants orange.  The Lowry card is a pretty sweet GU/Auto - I really enjoy adding Lowry cards to my collection as my youngest son shares his first name.

The last card I am showing for today's mail day is this 1955 Bill Taylor Topps card.  This card is also in great condition, especially for its age and was a Sportlots pickup for $5.75.

I have one final pick up from today's mail day but it deserves its own post.  Stay tuned for another very nice 1955 pick up for my Giants collection.

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  1. Lol... I know what you mean. I totally look forward to receiving packages in the mail. Love those vintage pickups... especially the Topps Giant & Hostess cards.