Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! & Trade Bait

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday.  It is a busy day for me, not only are we celebrating Easter but today is my oldest son's birthday - he turns 8.  We are going to do Easter in the morning and birthday in the afternoon, should be a busy day.  Fortunately I have a short work week, I am only working 2 days and taking Wednesday thru Friday off.  We are taking a little two night trip down to San Diego for spring break.

Anyway, on to the cards.  Since I pulled this beauty a couple of years back, I thought it would be a great card to use in my first Trade Bait post on this Easter Sunday.

Here are some 2012 Heritage cards, would love to knock of some of my SP needs under the Set Want List tab in exchange for some of these.  If you don't have any of those, I am always in the mood for some Giants.

The Prince Fielder is the only high number SP I have left, the rest have been traded for other SPs.  This Justin Upton cards is the reverse picture SP (we are currently avoiding discussion about what Upton's Dbacks are doing so far to the Giants this season).  The final two are Target red border parallels.

Here are some inserts, way too many Dodgers in these Then & Now cards.

Some more inserts including 8 floating head stickers.  I considered building this set but ultimately decided against it.  Hope I don't regret that decision, they do look pretty cool.

Finally, we have some chrome parallels, a vintage card box topper with a gold foil stamp (seems wrong to me) and a JFK Story card.  The top row are Chrome cards numbered to /1963, the middle row are Refractors numbered to /563 and the Hardy is the Black numbered 30/63.  My scanner cut of the side, the centering really looks pretty good.  Supposedly the JFK card is pretty rare, I got this one out of 2 hobby boxes.

Hopefully there is a trade or two out there to be had.  I have quite a few base from this set to trade as well and still need some base Giants for my team set.  Let's make a deal!

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  1. If you'd be interested in a smaller trade, I'm interested in the Heritage Fielder SP. I have Heritage SP #451 from your needs and should have a couple others.

    Send me an email if you'd like, thanks!