Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Contest Results

Well my first contest has finished and I have to deem it a marvelous success.  I have added more than a dozen followers to the blog and my page views are up.  I got to hear some of your favorite Giants and the why behind it, even most of you Dodger lovers were able to come up with one Giant as a favorite.  I found a few new blogs to add to my blogroll and start to follow.  Plus I get to give out a few cards and help build someone else's collection.  As a reminder, here is what was up for grabs in the contest:

As promised, I listed out the commenters who listed a favorite Giants and gave a second entry to those that pimped the blog and randomed it 6 times:

And the winner is ToppsGuy.  He runs a blog called Baseball Cards, Sports and Life which was one of the new blogs I discovered through this contest.  Congratulations ToppsGuy.  Shoot me your address and I will get your cards out this weekend.

Thanks to everyone for your participation.  It was lots of fun.  Plan on more contests to come!