Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trade Post - Daily Dimwit

A little over a month ago Sam over at The Daily Dimwit posted about a large number of base and mini cards he secured from 2012 Gypsy Queen.  I was immediately drawn to a scan of a Willie Mays Blue framed parallel and a few minis and shot him a note to see if we could work out a trade.  I also saw an opportunity to fill in some gaps in my Gypsy Queen set without having to buy a second box.  I shot Sam a list of Nolan Ryan cards and Astros cards and we struck up a deal.  Here is what I got:

 First up is the Mays I referenced along with some mini goodness.  I ended up with 2 black borders, 1 green border, 1 Gypsy Queen back and a mini Moonshots card.  Some great Giants to add to my collection but this wasn't what excited me most.  Check this out:

An entire box of Gypsy Queen base.  I thought this was going to complete my set but I am still missing one card. This was almost 120 different base cards and mixed with my box break I am only 1 card short of the set.  As a set builder, this made me very happy.

Thanks for the trade Sam!

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