Sunday, May 20, 2012

Contest Update

I am back home and my first contest is now closed.  I will get a list together of all the entries and do the randomizer and announce the winner in the next day or two.  I want to thank everyone for their participation, I was able to drum up a dozen new followers and quite a few hits onto the blog.

Also several of you inquired about the condition of my dad - thanks!  He is doing very well and was appreciative of my road trip to take him to and from the hospital and get his situated at home post procedure.  It appears the procedure was a success and while he is feeling mild discomfort, overall he is doing very well.

There was a bright side to the trip.  The hospital was less than an hour south of AT&T Park and I was able to go up Friday night after dad was out of the operating room and resting and catch the Giants and A's in an inter-league battle. I am too tired to post about it tonight but I have some nice pictures from my sweet seats I will try and share tomorrow.

Thanks again for the contest participation and well wishes for my dad!