Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mail Day #3

Decided to do a second post today, trying to get caught up on my new additions to the collection.

I picked up a few cards in the mail a few days back that I thought I would share.  These were picked up on eBay and Sportlots and fill in some holes in my Giants collection and set building.

First up are some Topps Tribute cards.  I really like the design of these cards, they are on nice thick stock and are shiny.  I believe I picked these up from the same seller with a combined shipping deal and this gives me the complete Giants team set minus the Willie Mays.  I also picked up a Bronze McCovey parallel for the Willie Mac collection.

This is the SP parallel of Mel Ott.  I really enjoy these parallels Topps put out for a few years.  I still have some Giants needs on my want list.  I am always on the lookout to secure these legend parallels on the cheap, I recently got a Reggie Jackson and Frank Robinson for about a quarter a piece plus shipping on a Sportlots auction.  Can't beat that deal.

Here are a few vintage pickups.  First we have Don Larsen of World Series hitter fame.  Mr. Larsen spent two full years and part of a third with the Giants and posted a 12-12 record.   He also had 14 of his career 23 saves while pitching in San Francisco.  The next card is a 1955 Bowman of Jim Hearn.  I recently shared my Willie Mays pick up from this set and I am down to needing 3 of the 17 Giants to complete the team set.  The 1964 Jim Davenport is in nice shape, he is one of my favorite Giants of the past.  I remember stories from my dad about watching him play when he was a kid.  Finally a Hank Sauer card from 1959 Topps.  This is one of my favorite sets of all time and may be a future feature of the blog if I can get my act together.

This Barry Bonds card is a Pinnacle Starburst parallel.  I picked it up on the cheap for under a dollar.  The scan really doesn't do it justice, the Starburst effect looks really cool.

Three pick ups for the 1973 set.  The Vida Blue is kind of a duplicate, I have one already in Vida collection.  I really enjoy the photography of this card.  Many times I am not a fan of cards where other players are shown more prominently than the subject of the card but this just works.  I like that he is in mid leg kick and ready to deliver the ball.  I also picked up a Goose Gossage rookie card - it is in very nice shape.  It wasn't super cheap but I was happy to mark this one off the set checklist.

Another McCovey to add to the player collection.  It is my 46th different version of this card with different colors and symbols at the top along with different serial numbering.  This one is 08/25.  Things like this are how you get to over 1100 cards of a player.

The last card of my mail day is the Pablo Sandoval SP of him fighting the Pirate mascot.  I am bummed out that the Panda is out for about 40 games, it is really going to hurt the Giants.  I was happy to pick this up on the cheap, I have been watching many for a while and pounced on this one.  Still looking for the Padres version.

That's it for the mail day.  It was lots of fun and some great additions to my collection.

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  1. yup - those really are some great pick-ups. i often envy those tribute cards when i surf ebay. i'm a huge fan of the vintage as well.
    my favorites gotta be the vida blue. digging that action shot.