Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trade Post - Hobbs' Knights with some 1973 Topps

Recently I shared my box break from 2012 Gypsy Queen, one of my hits was an Eddie Murray mini framed relic.  It is a nice looking card that I considered keeping.  However, when Jason from Hobbs' Knights contacted me for a trade, I couldn't pass it up.

Jason offered me 21 different 1973 Topps cards off my want list and you can see them all below.  I am well over half way done with the set now having 382/676 (including variations).  I am real close to completing the first couple series but of course that final series is going to be a long term challenge.  I you have any of my wants, drop me a line and hopefully we can work out a trade.

The action shots are the nicest in this set, I really like the Freehan, Gamble and Fuentes cards, it seems like the landscape cards are the nicest in this set from a photography standpoint.  I also like the Sam McDowell card, in addition to being a Giant, it is a nice portrait action shot.

Jason was also kind enough to toss in some Giants.  Here are my favorites of the group.  I love the etch-a-sketch card, I saw one in another blog post recently and checked to see if there were any Giants.  It was great to be able to add this Bonds one to my collection.  The Allen Watson auto was a nice surprise as well, I didn't even have the card on my checklist so I never would have sought it out.  I remember Watson playing for the Giants and think he had an up and down time on the team.  It is always nice to add an on card auto to the collection.

Jason hasn't been super active on his blog of late but he is obviously a great trade.  Thanks Jason!

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