Friday, May 18, 2012

Mailday #4

I picked up some nice cards in the mail last week that I thought I would share.

 First up is the eTopps card celebrating the 2004 Giants team.  2500 of these were produced and I wasn't aware of this card until I stumbled across it in a Sportlots auction. Picked it up on the cheap and glad to add it to my collection.  The Giants of 04 finished with 91 wins and in 2nd place so I guess they were worth celebrating at the time.  Back in the day I used to buy a few eTopps cards, mainly those from my player collections and football players from USC.  I ended up paying the shipping on them to have them delivered when I heard no new cards were being produced.  They are certainly nice looking cards but the shipping was ridiculous.

This next group were also picked up in various Sportlots auctions.  I have probably gotten over half of my 60s Giants in these auctions including this Pierce and Haller.  The Haller is in such good condition, it could be fake but why would anyone reproduce a 64 Tom Haller and sell it for a buck?  The Robinson SP was only a quarter, if anyone is interested it could be had for a decent Giants card.  The Perry Milk Duds cards is also for trade, I have accidentally picked up two.  The Cain is from this year's Heritage and I am working on putting together the entire Giants team set - I believe there are 6.

Finally a group of Giants I picked up from the same seller on eBay.  I got these 2 GU and 6 minis for $13 delivered.  I am hoping to complete the Giants mini set with all the variations, it is going to be a daunting task and I need to get on it soon.  Completing the GU should be easier.  I really enjoy the design of these mini GU cards.  I wish there were more Giants in the set.

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  1. Nice gets. I haven't check out Sportslots before. You found some great stuff.