Saturday, May 5, 2012

Group Break Goods #2 & Dodgers Trade Bait - JABO Box Breaks #8 & #9

 I try to jump into as many group breaks as possible and pick up the Giants.  Kyle over at JABO had two breaks at once covering several years of Topps Chrome issues.  Kyle's #8 and #9 breaks consisted of one box each of 1996 Topps Chrome, 1997 Topps Chrome, 1998 Topps Chrome series 1, 1999 Topps Chrome series 2, 2000 Topps Chrome series 1, 2002 Topps Chrome series 1, 2003 Topps Chrome series 2, and 2007 Topps Chrome - what a great variety. 

 Unfortunately for me, the Giants didn't have tons of cards but I was able to knock several cards off the want list.  I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

I really like the photo of JT Snow doing what he does best. JT is still one of the best fielders I have ever witnessed at his position, I would say the only comparable players I can recall are Keith Hernandez and Don Mattingly.  I love Glenallen Hill cards from his time with the Giants - he is responsible one of the hardest hit HRs I have ever had the opportunity to watch.  Rod Beck is sporting his intimidating facial hair and is ready to punch out another 9th inning batter.  Matty and Barry are finishing up powerful HR swings and Kent is turning two.  All of these cards I needed and all show some pretty good photos of my beloved Giants.

 My best card of the break is this Bonds card commemorating his record setting 73 HR season.  I am not a huge follower of BV but I do subscribe to Beckett online and list the BV on my checklist as a comparison tool.  I was shocked to see this card with a BV of $40.  A great add and easily my best card of the break.

I mentioned that the lack of Giants wasn't the greatest luck for me. My second team in the break was the Dodgers, I picked them thinking that it is about the easiest team for me to trade and lucky for those Dodgers fans out there, I pulled some pretty nice cards (for Dodgers).  Here are all the Dodgers I pulled.

The Duke Snider is the refractor version and a nice looking cards.  The Duke and the Jackie are the two I am considering keeping but everything is really available for the right Giants.  The Cora is a refractor, the Lowe is a white refractor /660, the Martin is an insert and the Piazza is a nice looking base photo.

 More Dodgers base cards, again all available.

And more Dodgers...

And finally the last group of Dodgers.

I can almost guarantee this will be the most Dodger cards you will ever see in this blog in one post so enjoy.

Also, this is the 3rd post that has disappeared after it was written, saved and scheduled.  I did try to access it using my iPad from my travels after it didn't post as scheduled and it was blank.  Does anyone else out there access their blog through an iPad and if so ever had these types of issues?  It is a little frustrating.

Also, my work travels should be slowing down so I am hoping to get out a post a day for the next few weeks.  Also, I am going to try a contest (pretty easy one I think) soon, just need to get the prize loot together this weekend.


  1. how about adding that mondesi chrome (he's making the outfield wall catch) part of our trade in progress? i'm sending an email to you tonight.

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