Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hall of Famer Autos - Reggie Jackson and Ryne Sandberg

Yesterday I picked up #57 and 58 for my HOF Baseball auto collection.  I have had the first card on hold at my LCS for a couple of months.  The owner is nice enough to set cards aside for me until I have the funds to pay for them and this card was one I was drawn to the first time I saw it in the display case.

For some reason this card really stood out to me, I think there are several reasons:
  1. Even though it is a sticker auto, Reggie signed a nice clear legible auto with his #44 in the "J" that fits well on the sticker
  2. I am not a Yankees fan but the color scheme by Donruss on this card with the Yankee logo just seems to work
  3. The cards is pretty limited, it is serial numbered 04/20
  4. I have a semi collection of Reggie (I was much more active in collecting his a few years back, now I just pick up random cheap things here and there or set aside his cards that I pull) but never was able to get an Auto
The main reason I went to the shop yesterday was to pick up some pages.  I needed some pages for my new Gypsy Queen minis and for some old 50s cards I picked up.  Before I decided to splurge on the Reggie I was looking for some packs to buy and selected 3 packs of Heritage and 2 packs of Gypsy Queen.  I usually open the packs in the store but was in somewhat of a rush.  As I was leaving the shop, I told the owner that next time in I wanted to look at any Ryne Sandberg autos he had as Ryno was my next HOF target.

I was in my car and decided to open the packs before entering my next stop.  The Heritage packs resulted in nothing of note, I was hoping to get an SP or two and ended up with a Robinson Cano sticker, a Victor Martinez insert and a dreaded pack with no SP or insert.  My first pack of Gypsy Queen netted me this nice on card auto.

 I was pretty happy, I figured I got one of two autos in my two packs, pretty good success rate. I have a couple other Lind autos and they don't seem to be highly desirable but, hey at least it is an auto. I opened the second pack and noticed a similarly different colored card late in the pack, colored just like the Lind.  I quickly jumped ahead (I have no patience) and saw this beauty:

I couldn't believe it, less than half an hour after declaring Ryno as my next target, I had one of his autos in my possession.  What a great day at the LCS!


  1. I'm still missing Jackson for my Swingin' A's autograph collection. Great Rynopull.

  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! That's some pulls. So you wish for it and within 30 min you get it, huh?

    Boy, sure could use that shoulder massage from Scarlet Johansson....

  3. Jeff, that would be a wish worth wishing for!

  4. both are great, bro. i'm also a semi-reggie collector, and on my own hunt for a reggie auto.

    not really a rhino collector, but i dig that active auto. its a beautiful card.